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Thread: Reserved Tasks In Regatta

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    Reserved Tasks In Regatta

    Can it be done when you reserved a tast in the regatta that other players in the coop can't take or delete it. Lots of mistakes are made this way.

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    Please make the reserved tasks in the regata to be blocked after reservin it so no one can take it or erazed it please please

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    Reservations can be taken way too easily by another co-op member. The exclamation point marking these tasks should be made bigger and easier to see. Right now the yellow just blends in too much. Also, it would be great if the warning that the task is reserved when someone takes it needs to be a lot different from the normal “are you sure you want this task” message. Maybe a “Warning!” in bright red or something.

    Just some suggestions. Our players are frustrated by tasks being taken by others, and l hate that I took someone’s task by accident because I didn’t see it was reserved until too late. Thanks for reading.

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    Hi, I'm new to this but would like to suggest there be a way for leaders to change the settings on task reservations. For example make it where the leader can set their own time limit on task reservations on each type of task. Like for production task I would keep them set at 12 hours but for something like mining, hol, or feeding animals I would set the time limit to 6-8 hours. Also I think task reservations should be lock and should only be unlocked by the person who has it reserved or the Leader. I've seen a lot of other co-op members stress the issue of tasks being taken and I think this would help solve that issue. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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    I have to agree with the reserving of tasks. It's too easy for other players in the co-op to pick a task already reserved. It is hard to see the little ! and let me tell you, it's making a real problem in my co-op. I'd like to suggest one of you "magicians" to put a "warning task reserved!" notice when someone tries to pick the saved task. This would really be beneficial addition and no arguments amongst the players. I love what you are doing to make the game better and more challenging so, keep it up! Thanks for listening.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Catsalot View Post
    I'd like to suggest one of you "magicians" to put a "warning task reserved!" notice when someone tries to pick the saved task.

    There already is such a warning - when a player wants to start a task which has been reserved by another member, a pop-up window will appear stating that "the task was reserved by XYZ, are you sure you want to take it?".
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    Reserved tasks can’t be stolen

    It would be nice if you could make it so if a task is reserved by a co-op member, then it cannot be used by another co-op member until it expires.

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