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Thread: Can't send or receive lives all of sudden

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    Can't send or receive lives all of sudden

    I play on Facebook on a PC. As of today I can't send or receive lives from friends. I'm not sure if it's something on my end or what. Also, as of today, any game I play acts like I'm new to the game and I have to 'accept' their app.

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    That has also happening to me lately

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    Hi, guys! Please make sure your Internet connection is strong and stable. If it is, try reconnecting your game to Facebook. I hope this helps!
    -If you're having troubles with the game, please check out our Help & Support articles first.
    -In case you need further assistance, write a report from the game. To do so, follow the steps from this tutorial video.
    -If your game doesn't open, you can contact our support team here.

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    Suddenly I've got less lives from friends and can't send them no lives. "Ask frieds for lives" does'nt work anymore,or sometimes only for a few friends.
    I've send a message to playrix. But I get only a standard answer. Such as: emty the cache or deconnect facebook and connect again.restart your divice ect.ect. I've triet some things but it does'nt help. On facebook and community I read that many players have this problem. I think that the problem is in the game on the item "ask friends for lives" and not at the devices from the players. Please do something,because without friends, the levels are to hard to solve.

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    When I try too send or receive lives my page crashes. This time it crashed with my having 30 minutes playtime and I lost it. I'm starting to get irritated with this game.

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