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Thread: Changing device

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    Changing device

    I transferred my games to my new tablet, everything went ok but when I got asked if I wanted to load original game I clicked on wrong thing & am now L5 instead of L1055
    I tried uninstall/reinstall, disconnect/reconnect fb but it still goes back to L5. Any clues please or am I stuck with it.
    Can still play on phone at corect level but I prefer tablet.
    Thanks in advance

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    I am having the same problem is there a way for me to get the game I was playing on my other tablet

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    Hi there!
    If you're still experiencing problems with the game, be sure to contact our Support team from both of your devices so that we could help you asap!
    To contact our Support team, just go to the settings of the game and find the Help and Support section there. You'll be able to report the issue then.
    Thank you!

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