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Thread: Trains & Planes

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    Trains & Planes

    Waiting for next plane, we are able to start on what that plane will need when it lands. Please, add this to Trains as well. I’ve had trains sit for days as the item(s) for train may take several hours to complete, sometimes longer if the factory is already full. “REMOVE ITEMS FROM FACTORIES” is on the NOT GONNA HAPPEN list. It puts players in a “buy T$ or not get trains filled & sent to complete Regatta Tasks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terri Goudy Cunningham View Post
    ...... It puts players in a “buy T$ or not get trains filled & sent to complete Regatta Tasks.
    Not really. I've never purchased any t-cash and had completed 16X135 tasks many times. It is about planning and taking whatever tasks you could finish. I used to tell my teammates that I always had my calculator out when I chose which task I would take, and they were astonished and puzzled....

    But that was at lower level (like level 20s or maybe 30s) when I was still new for regatta. I took a lot of 135 train and airplane tasks from wooden league onward, and even in gold league, I took lots of train tasks (one of my favorite task). Never use t-cash to fill the crate and no need for that..... So your conclusion is not accurate unless you are competing in GLB and getting no help from your friends and teammates (they could help you filling your train crates, do you know that?) And you could purchase goods that you need from Raja's market unless you don't have your market built yet.

    But if the dev. give your request a try (even give us a hint of what's coming for train), I would love that too.
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    Strange, that this idea is coming up again and in waves, so to speak.
    To quote myself:

    Quote Originally Posted by _DD_ View Post
    hi ...

    it has been suggested before, but I guess the difference is intentional: the planes have a time limit before they leave, the trains can stand there and wait for days, until you got the needed products. It's rather variety than making everything the same -- players would complain then about that.
    And indeed, I don't think I would like to have trains do the same as planes. Remember also how so many loved the mystery tasks? same principle

    Apart from that, I don't understand indeed how a train can not leave for *days* (I said it myself, but meant it as intentional solution, when prioritizing other things). So, what hchl said, plus different planning for fields and factories, I think.
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    Would it be possible to have the planes bring something back like the ships and trains do? Just would be fantastic to be able to receive something from those as well. Also sending items on the ships would be an additional way to earn tasks in the regattas.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Terri Goudy Cunningham View Post
    longer if the factory is already full.
    it's a thing that you learn in the game over time - you fill your factories according to arrival times of trains. Simply don't fill them to full, but fill them the way so they will be empty when next train comes. Then you decide what to produce in the factories.

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