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Thread: Level Too Difficult

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    Mart have to delete before it drives me crazy, this game is totally difficult for me. It also difficult when use booster.

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    I actually really don't mind that the exercise levels in particular are hard to beat, because it's a great way of farming coins as long as you can beat the FIRST one (and I can usually beat the first two). Each level gives you hard mode coins, which means you can keep beating the same levels over and over and keep getting a hundred coins per try. Which can then be really helpful for main levels. And then if you happen to beat all the levels, that's a bonus.
    It's all about working the game to your advantage, guys

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    It is very frustrating ,I have been on some levels for days, the timed ones are ridiculous, I hate them. The games you have too watch for coins are good, but for the last 4 days I have clicked on the Memo game for coins, it doesn't work , you don't get the game too watch and no coins,

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    Can I get tips for level 306 in homescapes

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    Agreed! They should post helpful hints after trying you best a level after 20 times for example. Other thznspdndinb a fortune of getting lucky, you are stuck

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    I'm at level 734 on Gardenscapes and I have been at it for a week now. Nothing is helping, not even tutorials on Youtube. Any tips from others who have beaten this? It's the super hard level. It's literally aggravating me LOL.

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    I am having trouble with level 118 can anyone help me please

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    I’m deleting this game too. I was hoping it would be almost as enjoyable as Township but some of these levels just aren’t winnable without boosts. I have to waste valuable moves just to get those boosts. And then I never get the pieces I need on my last few moves before I’m about to win.
    Too many obstacles wrapped into one level + too few moves = frustration and boredom.
    This isn’t fun anymore. Going back to focus on Cookie Jam. 1000 times more fun than this game.

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