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Thread: Level Too Difficult

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    I'm stuck on level 76 for 3 weeks now, 150 on the timer is not enough, I love the game but have got bored and frustrated with it, I can't understand the walkthroughs I've looked at for any level.....200 is something nearer on the timer I am needing as I have cleared 2 gnomes but no where near 3.

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    I enjoy the game but have come close to giving up, having to get through 2 or 3 games is frustrating, they should slip in a really easy level every so often to keep interest

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    If you don't mind my asking, how do you get a code for adding feiends

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    Difficult levels

    I am getting so frustrated at this game. You guys make the levels for the dog exercises so difficult that you have to buy boosters to get through it. What good is it to buy boosters to get through it and all's you get at the end is a few hundred coins and a couple boosters. And it takes a lot more than that to get through it it's not worth it. It's supposed to be fun. This is getting to be more frustrating than fun. I am on the brink of uninstalling this game I want to have fun. I like to have challenge but not when I'm playing the same level for 2 days trying to beat it. I get to the second level every once in awhile which takes a day or so and back to level 1 I am. I really don't think that they should be that difficult that you can't get through it without having to buy the boosters. Not everybody has money just to blow on fun games. This game is getting to be not fun anymore. Very very disappointed.

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    Hi Chefsky ! you are 100 Percent right this game more and more boring day by day, I'm also very disappointed this game is getting to not fun anymore.

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    This game is way too difficult and timed levels really unfair. Mart have to delete before it drives me crazy

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    Im sorry but I dont think its very difficult I only use one booster on the last level and then get back 4 new ones for beating the challenge

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    I agree that it is not fun anymore. I have been on level 86 for weeks now. It would be nice that after so many tries, they would give hints on how to beat the level.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lisa0820 View Post
    It would be nice that after so many tries, they would give hints on how to beat the level.
    I don't know if hints are possible. In my experience, when you come across a level like that, it's a matter of trying again and again until you get ridiculously lucky drops, at which point you'll find that you've cleared the level with moves to spare and aren't quite sure how it happened.

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    This (these)games only want your money, they do not care if you enjoy it. Like slot machines.... you choose. I will delete if I do not get better rewards out of my next five lives. 20 tries to beat a level is .....

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