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    New/different Power ups

    I’ve played both Gardenscapes and homescapes both amazing games.
    I was just wondering if there is anyway you could get a match of four by way of a square opposed to just linear lines. Also implement new power ups or change the characteristics of the power ups that are currently in Gardenscapes. I.e. the firework(match of four) power up could be similar to the paper plane power up from homescapes. Also if you could add vertical and horizontal power ups.
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    I completely agree and was just about to post up the same idea but thought I’d better look first to see if anyone else had already suggested it. I would definitely prefer for Gardenscapes to give the same options for their powerups that Homescapes gives. Letting the rainbow blast pick up and distribute multiple other power ups like Homescapes does, for instance, as well as turning four into a square to make new and improved powerups, such as the airplane in Homescapes.

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    I would love to be able to use the firecrackers, bombs, etc, to remove the vertical barriers like in Homescapes. Right now only the Ropes can be removed. And I agree that having the rainbow blast multiply other powerups as in Homescapes would be great.

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    Why doesn't the rainbow blast open up lillypads when you hit the color that is next to them? sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't and it's quite annoying. It uses up moves.

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    Agreed....Vertical barriers oas said in hOmescpaes needs to be removed..But i actually doubt firecrackers and bombs would be enough to eradicate them lol myccpay
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