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Thread: Helicopter Orders -- Coins & XP?

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    Helicopter Orders -- Coins & XP?

    1. What do you consider a good price for the orders that come in? Sometimes I'll an order for 6 items that take a long time to make and the price offered doesn't seem so great. When I look at the prices in the marketplace, they are usually higher than what is offered on the helicopter order.

    2. I've read here that some people discard orders with fewer coins than XP. I'm not sure the value of XP?


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    Hi Tweetsie - there are a few threads with some good info about this posted somewhere - I'll see if I can find and add the links here.

    In the meantime, it kind of depends on your goal. When I was in the early-mid levels of the game, Coins were the most important to me. So I would dump any order that had a low coin payout and also any order that asked for multiple of the same item (except crops - if I had extra, I didn't mind the orders that asked for multiple crops). Personally, my rule was to delete pretty much all orders that were less than 450-500 coins. Also, the best thing I learned to do was fill up my barn to the brim and then activate the Generous Customer helicopter booster. It doubles the amounts of coins you get for orders (so that 500 coin minimum becomes a 1000 coin minimum with the booster activated). Send as many orders as you can for the 2 days the booster is activated. If you can buy the dealer to use during this time, it will be a big help. It's also usually good advice to buy everything in the market during this time too because with the double coins, the items in the market still make you a profit.

    Now that I am in the higher levels of the game, I do not struggle for coins anymore. At this stage XP became more important because you need tons of XP to level up. So now, I often don't pay much attention to the amount of coins an order gives and focus on one with high XP values (typically 400XP or higher - I prefer order that give at least 700-900XP)

    Here are a couple threads with discussions about earning coins: HERE and HERE
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    Also wanted to add that this will all depend on the level your town is too. A player that is level 30 will not be seeing helicopter orders that give 800 XP because the items they can produce at that level aren't very difficult.

    I started using the helicopter booster strategy sometime around level 55. That's when I started following the 500 coin minimum (1000 minimum with booster activated). In the 2 day booster period, I could make between 200,000-300,000 coins. As I leveled up and could make more valuable products, my earnings increased. The last time I used the booster, I was around level 76 and I earned over 600,000 coins in that two day period. I often had orders that paid out 3,000-5,000 coins each.

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    @kitty4715 Thanks. Very helpful. I'm at level 49 and wasn't sure what to focus on. I actually need to spend time better organizing my town than being concerned about leveling up right now.

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    I used to be picky about helicopter orders.

    And then I realized that for every order you send away, you get a new one immediately. And it's not uncommon to have streaks of 2 or more consecutive orders you can send that way. Behind that silly 40 coin order might be a big >2k coin whammy!

    This has convinced me to send away any helicopter mission I can (except the gems guy of course). I think this ultimately is the optimal strategy.
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