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Thread: More 135pt Regatta Tasks Please

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    More 135pt Regatta Tasks Please

    More 135p tasks for golden league please! This is getting very annoying with mostly low point tasks showing up. Getting so tired of waiting proper tasks and my team is complaining as well!

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    Maybe the developers could offer a choice within each task ?
    Send x trains for _100_ points or send y trains for 135 points.

    There would be less need to have 3 or more versions of each task taking up space in the 12 offered tasks, so the game logic might offer more variety at all times.

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    Pleae reverse decision to decease frequency and count of high point tasks in regatta

    The recent decision to reduce the count and frequency of 135 and other 130+ tasks is resulting in frustration, anger and hostility amongst teams members as they argue and fight over such tasks. Some have quit the game altogether.

    I realize playrix needs to make money somehow and relies upon the competitive gold league standing players to provide that income. However, the implementation choosen to boost that income is resulting in players leaving the game, at least in my coop.

    It seems to me a more equitible solution and one that affects only the gold league is to impose such changes only on the gold league races. All lower leagues would enjoy a more relaxed and FUN experience and those entering gold league races would know that frequencies and counts are changing and that the league is much more challenging. The trophy and achievement awarded for the first gold win might actually mean something to a player instead of a weak pat on the back for slogging through 5+ weeks of little fun in the racing.

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    We are losing members also. No wants to play game because Regatta is so boring. All we do is wait! There is no interaction among players. Am ready to quit game too.

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    Desde hace semanas es imposible competir en liga de oro, porque en el panel la mayoría de tareas que salen son de puntuación muy baja. Resulta muy aburrido estar borrando tareas todo el día para conseguir una tarea de 135 puntos. Pregunto si hay truco o los desarrolladores del juego pretenden aburrirnos de tanto borrar tareas. El porcentaje de tareas de 135 puntos apenas llega al 5 por ciento, al menos en lo que afecta a mi cooperativa.

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