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Thread: Co-ops looking for new members beginning with S, T or U

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    Shaynecharm coop looking for new members

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    Hello all Township Addicts,

    Township Traders are looking to recruit a few eager and active players. I started playing TS over 3 years ago as an attempt to help my insomnia, got hooked and the rest is history. Our co op has 16 members but we don't all race every week as we understand the stresses and demands of Real Life but if you are not racing, there is an expectation that you try to help as often as you can.

    We have very few rules but our most important one is to read the chat and if you are actively playing in a regatta then keep us posted. We have a lot of laughs and have players from Level 60 to 109. I also prefer to keep drama to a minimum (and there have been a few, lol) and we negotiate as a group if there is an issue. We are proud to be Gold Sail winners, first time out, and are currently going up and down in Gold League, but usually place in the top 3 for each regatta.

    We do NOT insist on a perfect 2160 for Regatta racing but expect racers to take 130+ tasks and to aim for all 15 tasks, with the option of buying the 16th if the race is nail bitingly close (and it has been!) . Above all we try to remember this is a Game.....! If you like the sound of us, we are a Green Carrot emblem and we have players from the UK, US, Canada and Australia. There is a great spirit of generosity in our Co op, which I value highly. If you think you like the sound of our group, request by Monday if you want to take part in the next regatta.

    Township Traders Co op Leader

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    We are a fairly new co-op looking for members willing to help each other "grow" and expand. Our co-op name is SKUNKED and our shield is brown with a brown cow. My town is LAST CHANCE. We try to do tasks that are 130 or above. We sometimes do tasks that are in the 120's, but we strive to achieve, so we dump the lower tasks. Communication is the key. We let each other know what tasks we enjoy more and which ones we don't. We are now in the silver league and at the top of the most recent regatta. we would appreciate players that are serious about doing the regatta, but still like to have fun, after all, it is only a game. Hope to see you soon!

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    Hi there!

    For the upcoming winter holidays TOWNSHIP TROOPERS has opened again the entrance to newcomers
    We are a daily active golden league group.

    Here our basic requests and rules
    Level 58 or more
    English speaking
    Daily active
    Chatty and helpful

    Opted in mean 1500 pts minimum, but almost everyone in the group actually is working to be steadily on the podium
    We also have some minor rules about board management and reservations, but you will know them when you will join us

    We have not a specific request, just do your best to support the team

    Our emblem are crossed axes on a blue shield

    Join us, you won't regret

    Gate will be closed 12hrs before the start of a new race to prevent not verified entrance

    Have a nice weekend

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    Hi. We are "The 501st clone batalion"
    We are now recruiting for more troopers. We are a freindly, respectful, and helping co-op. If you are looking for hardcore Regatta racing, this is NOT us. However if you are looking for a relaxed do your best race, then we are that. We like to win, but it is not the end of the world if we do not. We love to help each other out and chat while doing it. How to find us and what to expect? Read below:

    1. Search for The 501st clone batalion (We are a request only co-op, so request to join)
    2. IOS platform.
    3. Request to join to come in and be interviewed by the leader or co-leaders. If you have any question you can reply to the post.
    4. We expect you to race in the Regatta. You must be respectful with NO DRAMA. Be willing to help and be helped by everyone in the co-op. Please refrain from asking for help in decorating you town unless it is for the race. Bullies will be kicked out with no exceptions!
    5. The Regatta is something we enjoy doing. Thus we ask you do your very best to participate and finish at least 3 tasks. Lower level members (19-30) are granted leniency on this. We play to get as many hours as we can, if we win..that's a bonus!

    If this sounds like you, then search, request, and let's talk! See you there!

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    Hello All,

    With the unique name " The Cute Piggies" Co-op has just started with several core and active member are currently mass recruiting member!

    We all are English speaker, friendly and team-worker.
    Any player who is 25 level or above that are active to play are most welcome to join our co-op.

    With the unique name " The Cute Piggies", I am sure the co-op are easily found on the search button.
    The leader of the co-op will be Junky Moo.

    Please do join us and have a good time racing in Regatta!

    See ya all in game.


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    Our Co-op is " Star town-owners "

    We're a friendly coop with 20+ people from all corners of the world. The main language is English but we've a few people who don't speak so much English. We've also some that don't speak at all in any language but just play and enjoy LOL

    We don't have much in the way of criteria. Mainly enjoy yourself and be cooperative - which is after all what coops are all about

    Level is currently set at level 40 upwards though we change it sometimes

    Ages range from 7 to 60++ (to be polite at the upper end without asking)

    We do ask that people either enter the regatta and do at least 4 tasks or set regatta to "non-racing".

    Joining the coop and just being generally helpful and contributing while set to "non-racing" on regatta is fine We know people want a break sometimes and some people aren't interested in the regatta.

    We tend to "kick out" people who set themselves to racing and don't try or people who aren't active or have zero or very few "helps".

    Enter the regatta and don't try + zero helps almost guarantees you to get a "goodbye and best wishes" leaving message LOL Otherwwise we wouldn't have a vacancy for you

    We don't like to kick out people, but have found it the best way to be fair to everyone, as people entering the regatta and doing nothing or doing very little just make it less fun for everyone.

    We enjoy winning and have made it to the golden league. But having fun is probably more important


    L&P Star 2
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    Join the Swift Sails Crew Co-Op today! ACTIVE! FUN! HELPFUL!

    Swift Sails Crew Co-Op
    Android | Find Us By Searching: Swift Sails Crew | English Speaking | Req. Level: 35 | 9/30 Members

    We are a group of friendly and helpful players who are a wee-bit competitive and who love Townville!

    Our basic concept is that we try to accomplish as many tasks as possible for the regatta and help as many co-op members as possible. We know not everyone can be fully active all the time, but most of our members play the game daily. We're also a fairly talkative group and would like joiners to be too. We don't have rules on inactivity as of yet as this hasn't been a problem... but general consensus is that you have to accomplish a few tasks for the regatta and help a few people each week. Not talking in the chat to explain absences and not helping or accomplishing tasks will get you bumped from the co-op. Last regatta, all of our members finished all of their tasks and even one paid to do an extra one!

    Other information:
    • As of 12/15/16 our lowest level co-op member is 49 & our highest is 68!
    • We have two co-leaders, myself (Hartland/Cambria in the game) and Sallytown
    • As of 12/14/16 we received 1st Place in the Wood League & are 1st place in the Copper League
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    Southern California

    Regatta Lovers wanted!

    Sunshine Racers is a new co op of fun, drama free, serious regatta lovers! We just reached gold level and are very excited to have a strong lead in first place! We currently have three members who are happy but lonely and are looking for you to add to our family.

    We find the competition very tough at our level, with three players, so we have to do all 135 tasks plus bonus so we do require the same from anyone who joins us.

    We also require: English
    Level 30
    Communication if any issues
    Must love regatta!

    Sunshine Racers
    emblem is yellow sun
    Amy's Town - Leader
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    Looking for active players who like to win regattas! We are a co-op with helpful, active leaders, who like to win!

    Level 41 and up
    Score of 1500 minimum in regatta

    Please search Traci McG's and join. Thank you!

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