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Thread: Co-ops looking for new members beginning with S, T or U

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    Post Co-ops looking for new members beginning with S, T or U

    Please post your advertisement on this thread if the first letter of your Co-op begins with the letter S,T or U

    More information can be found in the following thread:

    Good luck
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    SerieuseCoOp coop looks for new members.

    We are playing in the Golden League (#125), reasonably chatty and above all we have fun.

    Our rules are:

    - level 30 minimum
    - helpful as much as possible
    - french, german, or english language
    - participating in regatta unless serious reasons
    - taking as tasks as possible in regatta and/or helping as much as possible in regatta

    Have a nice day/play !
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    Top Tradewinds accepting new members

    We are Gold Sail Winners!

    Our co op is small but looking to expand to about fifteen members. We won the gold sail award on our first try in the gold league with team work and excellent communication skills. The team is made up of friendly, helpful, adult players. Now our goal is to find a happy balance. Relax and sail along stress free while enjoying other aspects of the game. The regatta is just a fun way to advance your town with the added bonus of a few prizes. We have no interest in global leader board status. Our focus is on helping one another. The game isn't just about the races. If you are helpful, friendly and looking to build your town come join us. Racing is optional simply uncheck participation.

    Co Op Name: Top Tradewinds
    Badge: Sailboat on blue background
    Entry Level: 30
    Language: English
    Type: By Request
    Device: IOS/Android

    We look forward to meeting you. For additional questions please pm me.
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    We are a new co op that made from couple of friends. We are looking for active and friendly people.
    name TopGreeks
    entry lvl 19 (for now)
    language English Greek Russian
    type by request
    Dont be shy to ask for help

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    Hi Townsville Folks. Looking for new neighbors? Well here we are. Tremors farms is a new co-op that started from 3 active fun energetic Townsville folks. We got tired of non-active neighbors so we're trying to reach that all elusive Golden Trophy and we need your help to take this Co-op to the come check us out.

    Tremors farms
    Established. .11/18/2016

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    Turnt co-op is a new co-op launched due to the co-op I was in being half IA including the leader and the active ones not participating in the regatta except for a few who have come with me to the new one.

    We are all around level 40 - 50 but level 30 is the minimum and we will help you grow.

    Our rules are:

    - level 30 minimum
    - helping as much as possible with Item requests and plane/train fills.
    - English
    - participating in regatta unless a good reason given. We understand it's a game, RL comes first.
    - Doing your worth in regattas.

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    Shoreline (Blue Anchor logo) is searching for new, active members!

    Regattas are a fun way to be competitive and helpful. If you're looking for an active, no pressure co-op, you've found it.


    Contact me here or send message via Township (Seaside is my town name)
    requirement for membership: min. level 22 - come grow with us

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    Hi there!

    For the upcoming winter holidays TOWNSHIP TROOPERS has opened again the entrance to newcomers
    We are a daily active golden league group.

    Here our basic requests and rules
    Level 58 or more
    English speaking
    Daily active
    Chatty and helpful

    Opted in mean 1500 pts minimum, but almost everyone in the group actually is working to be steadily on the podium
    We also have some minor rules about board management and reservations, but you will know them when you will join us

    We have not a specific request, just do your best to support the team

    Our emblem are crossed axes on a blue shield

    Join us, you won't regret

    Gate will be closed 12hrs before the start of a new race to prevent not verified entrance

    Have a nice weekend

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    Biggest town near us is Acton Indiana


    Sword and Scabbard is looking for fun active members who want to participate in either racing or helping co-op members with tasks. We are somewhat chatty but we have a lot of fun. Must have good sense of humor. Must also be a good team player and good communicator. Sorry I do not have the talent of reading minds. My 13 yr old daughter will vouch for that. Entry level 19. English speaking co-op. Leader is Knightsville level 48.
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    Hi. We are a new co op looking for active regatta players. Help will always be given. There's just 2 of us at the moment . So if you wish please join us.
    We are called Sotonians
    Required level 25.
    We have a dove shield in blue.
    My town is called Lynnie's town
    Please come and join us 😊

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