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Thread: Co-ops looking for new members beginning with S, T or U

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    You are a serious fellow Townshiper and you play on a daily basis? You want to meet new interesting people? You have come to the right place, my friend!

    We are a chatty bunch, we love having fun through our funny life anecdotes. We communicate mainly in English, but we have a French/English/Spanish translator, we are open to people from all over the world and consider ourselves a proud international coop with members coming from Canada, the United States, Dominican Republic, Brazil, India, Jordan and Persia!

    We are looking for members who want to have fun, but we also require a minimum of 10 tasks done per regatta and people who help out as we all do each other. We also have a few specific rules about the board management that are officially posted every Monday night, EST time.

    Our coop name is Synergy,
    And here are the friend invitation codes of our leader and two co-leaders
    - 7RSVPT to friend our leader Scarz
    - 5E4FKY to friend our co-leader Gabz
    - 42VF7E to friend our co-leader Jc

    Thanks for joining us!

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    Smoopie Coop for RELAXED players!

    Smoopie Coop is looking for new members:

    If you are a single player who would like to have fun (and adventages) of regatta join us!
    If you are tired of all those high-achievements pressure and constant dumping then you are a perfect member for us!

    We are a bunch of single players, who do not talk much but help each other a lot.

    We do not dump the tasks and we do appreciate completing low priced task - allowing you to plan in advance without much talking and with some degree of probability that your choosen task will still be there if you come back to the game after a couple of hours. We respect the reservations, of course, but don't insist on it.
    We don't expect all members to complete all available task and don't demand buying additional task.

    This said, we bounce between silver and golden league, collecting special prizes for first three posts in silver league every two weeks. We don't aspire to the leader board.


    Our requirements are simple:
    * Level 40
    * Active in regatta
    * helpful

    The emblem is carrot on green shield and the Leader name Smoopiland.
    My township is Eilleen, Level 78, ZOO level 14, invitation code: DFUX2F

    We know, you are there and wait for you to join us!

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    Outsdanding coop with 13 golden sails is looking for exteaordinary players.level 50 or above .coop name(serious) blue paw emblem. See u

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    The wind Riders...

    We are a new group that broke away from the old one because no one played the game.

    We are friendly and chat daily all we ask is play daily and join in the Regatta

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    Hello everyone! Township Leaders again has a few spots open for players who love the game, like to chat, and are willing to put in a bit of work to reap Golden League rewards. We have been Gold League for nearly 6 months now and we try hard to keep the game fun for all players. Level 42 and up... the best help for coop members... friend who share and not a lot of rules. We want active members. Members who are active give request to township leaders from your community search. Thank you

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    The Privateers is a new English speaking co-op recruiting members looking for a casual environment to compete in the regatta, foster friendships, and assist with production. We ask that anyone who chooses to compete in the regatta complete at least 10 tasks. If you can not complete at least 10 task we simply ask that you uncheck regatta for the week that you can not assist. You can request task and we do ask that people try to respect request but task are considered first come first serve.

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    We are a 9 member Golden League (2nd place last race), friendly, super helpful co-op looking for dedicated racers to grow with us. If you can commit to 15 tasks or 1875 points each week while having fun, come join us!

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    Hi,We are new coop (4 week) in gold league .we do all tasks 110+.kick out freelaoders.we also reserve tasks .
    we need players with 50+ level. join us

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    "The Crew" is looking for additional members who are willing to participate in task for the regatta or help other fill their tasks...we are a fun, helpful group. We look forward to meet you 😆

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