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Thread: Redesign of the Music Venue & Future Community Building Suggestions

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    Redesign of the Music Venue & Future Community Building Suggestions

    I'm a big fan of most of the community buildings, but I'm really hoping for a redesign of the Music Venue. It doesn't quite blend with other buildings well, and the bright colored dots (which are there to represent the lights shining) look strange. I'd love if it was animated, but if that's too complicated than maybe something closer in aesthetic to the Fashion House? Or you could go for a full-on rock concert look? Whatever the team of designers feel is best, I've loved previous edits (ex: Observatory, Toy Store, etc.)

    I guess I'm for more attention being placed on community buildings overall. The Zoo and Regatta are great developments, but I think the game would benefit from revitalising its core elements (especially for those of us that are longtime players). You could capitalize on the amount of activity on Facebook (as well as here) to conduct polls on which community buildings need editing. I've just seen a lot of games get so caught up in adding new things (while not simultaneously updating older features) that they miss out on where a lot of player dissatisfaction stems from.

    I also have suggestions for future community buildings (above level 82):
    • Different Office Buildings (Office Building #2, Office Building #3, etc.)
    • Senior Center/Retirement Home
    • Computer/Electronics Store
    • Real Estate Office
    • Food Truck(s)
    • Video Game Store/Arcade
    • Health Food Store
    • Pharmacy
    • Garden Center (tools/garden deco rather than flowers)
    • Pub/Bar/Local Watering Hole
    • Gift Shop
    • Dentist's Office
    • Shopping Mall (bigger than the Shopping Centre or perhaps a redesign of it)
    • Community Park (fountain or statue in the middle with four walkways meeting in the center)
    • Bed & Breakfast
    • Antique Store/Bazaar
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    You have some great ideas. If they ever decided to add more community buildings, I love your ideas for - Senior Center, Electronics Store, Real Estate Office, Arcade, Pharmacy, Dentist's Office (or Doctor's Office), and Antique Store. A lot of these would round out our towns more, make them feel more real. Would be fun.

    I also think a nightclub (for dancing) would be a fun addition. Or maybe a ballet studio. A bookstore (not comics specifically). Bridal shop. Crafts store.

    Additional decorations could be: A hot dog vendor. A child's lemonade stand.

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    I was actually wondering if they will be introducing some new community buildings and houses due to the number of expansions we've been given in recent months.

    Some nice ideas here.

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    Oh Pink, I so hope the developers are attuned to you! I have scads of property that I haven't developed, just hoping something cool came along to put on it or to cause me to rearrange.

    I gave up playing the Regatta (solo, by choice) in order to focus on the gawd awful, mind numbing tedium of the Zoo (baskets) since I was lagging far behind. Alas, my heart will never be in it - but I would be thrilled with some new building projects. Of course, the costs would be astronomical at our levels. But, the Zoo is already and I would gladly abandon it again for something more thrilling.

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    Oh I hope so! I need to build the skyscraper in order to buy the last expansion, but I don't particularly want it, as I don't know really know where to put. More buildings & houses would offer some choice & variety to the towns too.

    In my 2nd town I've been more picky with the buildings, but have come to a complete halt with the expansions, having run out of money.. again lol!

    I fill the zoo baskets every so often, but without much enthusiasm. Even found an empty enclosure the other week, that I'd completely forgotten about. It's a shame, because we were so looking forward to the launch & it just hasn't lived up to expectation.

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    Thanks so much! <3

    I love your ideas as well Bethany, especially that of a nightclub/dance studio.
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    Hi ladies

    I am also a big advocate for interactive and upgradable buildings thus making the town lively. We get all these community buildings to place in your town, and then they are 'dead weight'. Let the buildings come alive and let them be upgradable as with the factories and trains. Let them order goods relevent to the building like books at the library, sports and educatio al goods at the school and maybe get cash in exchange like with the helicopter orders. These buildings can really form part of the game is so many aspects.

    Like your ideas as well.


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    It would be great to have more items to build like the cake, cars, rocket and dinosaurs. Something to work for.

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    Please no more upgradable decorations (e.g. cake, cars, rocket and dinosaurs) or buildings unless they are animated and can interact with us when clicked, for example, we can enter that building and see whatever is going on inside it and interact with it, but not like the car collection or dino though.

    If the dev. team can redesign the greenhouse, and let us filled the greenhouse with plants and flowers of all sorts, that will be fantastic. Now the greenhouse sit there prettily and empty! I was so excited when I got it, but......

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