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Thread: Regatta Rewards for Helpers

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    Regatta Rewards for Helpers

    Playrix advocates team players and cooperation. However there is no recognition for those who help their teams the most. The number of helps each player gave is readily available in the Race screen. I would like to see a special Prize or bonus for the individual who had the highest help numbers in each Regatta, or in each team. I believe this kind of recognition would foster more cooperation and higher help numbers. As a team leader I always recognize our top helpers in the after-Regatta message, and in chat when someone breaks triple digits, or gets into the 200 Club, or the 300 Club. A game wide recognition would be an even better incentive for those who need a reason to get into the habit of helping.

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    We run a in house reward scheme in our co op and the player with the most helps each week are sent a balloon by the rest of the players. The same goes for the first one to finish all tasks. Seems to work well.

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    I like Boudica's idea and have seen something similar suggested before to the OP's idea. I wouldn't like a system introduced for it, as suggested in the OP. For one, the helpers get clovers, so it is not "no recognition". If it's about Coop requests getting no clovers, then THAT should be changed.

    And second, I bet it would trigger more contest in helping, to get this prize whatever it is, instead of "more cooperation". There have been problems with ppl helping "too much" (and letting no-one else do it) now already.
    It's also a problem when the folks in a Coop have widely different levels, as higher levels usually have more room in their barn and can help more alone for that.

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