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Thread: Are Co-op Invites Tied To The Co-op Itself Or The Player Who Issued Them?

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    Are Co-op Invites Tied To The Co-op Itself Or The Player Who Issued Them?

    Im a relatively new player, and we have experienced great difficulty controling the count of active racers and getting players (who either dont care or dont know) to turn off the racing flag if they dont intend to race.

    So much trouble that we splintered from the coop we started with to form a new coop.

    We have a very strong team and easily won our first two races. We routinely restrict the coop to by request on weekends and until after the race starts.

    Early Monday afternoon, someone slipped into the coop with having to be formerly accepted. A surprise to me, but some checking revealed that an outstanding invite was probably the cause, so I set the coop to closed.

    And wouldnt you know it, 16 minutes before the race started, another apparent outstanding invitee slipped in and promptly went offline after posting a request for goods, their racing flag was set to on. I was not online when the race started, I arrived about half hr into race, saw we had this new player who claimed they were racing (by flag setting) and saw they had not taken any tasks.. and were offline.

    I waited until the player came back online and asked them what their intentions were with regards to the race, several times. After waiting an hr for reply and seeing they took no tasks not even a 135 HOL (YES! there was one and we held it for them and offered it to them) got no response...they were promptly kicked (yes, I understand the ramifications, better to feel satisfied than frustrated)

    My concern is who truly OWNs the invite? Is it the coop or the player who actually issued the invite?

    Im asking because none of us recall issuing invites to our new coop, however, the player's name who 1st slipped in monday afternoon looked familiar to me and might well have been an invite from 6-7 weeks ago when we were all playing in the coop we splintered from. That player, I beleive had been in my friends list and dropped due to inactivity many weeks ago. The second one I dont recognize and could well be from one of the other team members since a few of us were promoted to elder and asked to invite people...anyone to get bodies into the coop (we were all newbies then at level 20 and 21, even the 1st coop's leader)

    Do we have to contend with these stale invites wandering thru in theweeks and months to come? Is there any way to find such invites and rescind them?

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    If the member that received the invite doesn't accept or decline the invitation, it can stay in their inbox. I get a lot of invites. I was declining, but they would send another one, so I started just letting them stay in my inbox. I have some that are a few months old. I checked with a friend that's in another co-op. Sent her an invite and tried to see if there was anyway to take it back, but it doesn't let you. After she declined, it allowed me to send another invite. So anyone that has been in your co-op and was an elder or above could have sent the invites to their friends and there's nothing you can do about it. They can accept the invite at anytime and join your co-op no matter what your co-op setting is.

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    Used to be that the invite is tied to the person who sent the invite; so if for example, I am in co-op A, I sent an invite to a friend, then formed my own solo co-op, that friend (if she accepted my invite) would show up in my solo co-op, not in co-op A.

    But I think they changed it now, the invite is tied to the co-op itself. So if I'm in co-op A, send an invite to a friend, then afterwards I left that co-op, friend who accepts the invite will now show up in co-op A & not follow me to whichever co-op I'm currently in.

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