Hey guys!

I wanted to suggest the idea of a limited event (maybe non-returning?) for which players can play towards a permanent item of decoration for the house, if only a trophy or a poster. I do realise that this might complicate things. But it could just be a 4th option for an already existing decoration, like a Christmas themed stair runner, or maybe pink paint for the statues in the hall (shoutout to you, Artist Andy).
This would also involve the players who reached the maximum level more, while other players can focus on either the event of their main game process.

I actually got this idea after I was hoping that Austin would keep wearing his scarf after completing the knitting event when it first came around. Later I hoped ending up as first place in the paper plane contest would get me a trophy in Austin's cupboard. But I don't think this idea would work with returning events and therefore require a lot of extra designing (which if I may say, Homescape's team does exquisitely).

What do you think? Any ideas for a limited event?