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Thread: Collect Rent From Houses & CBs [Merged]

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    Having pop-ups all over my town showing there was money to collect would ordinarily not thrill me. However, if all my residential buildings coughed up glass and bricks every day as rent, I'd be totally fine with that. lol

    Such is the desperate state of my game...

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    Collecting Rent

    I have had the idea to be able to collect rent from buildings in the town for a while. Houses, factories, islands, zoo expansions/enclosures, town expansions and community buildings are extremely expensive and prices continue to increase as we level up. It’s incredibly difficult to earn money to buy multiple buildings around the same time. Earning money in the game would be so much simpler if we could collect rent or taxes from the homes of the people living in our town. Considering we are spending thousands of coins to buy community buildings the townspeople ask for, it would only make sense that we collect money from them to be able to afford it. I’ve mentioned the idea to my co-op members and they have all agreed that it would be very helpful in the game.
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    I think that some of the buildings should generate their own revenue i.e. hotels amusement park rides toy store super market bowling alley etc etc. Anything that the citizens of your town would have to pay to utilize should generate income of some sort. Preferably coin but even in building materials to help facilitate more growth.

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    I play several games where little piles of coins appear over buildings when I open the game, so it would be easy enough to do.

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    There should be an option of getting revenue from the comercial buildings. This will increase the coin collection.

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    Wow this thread has been going since 2016!
    The idea of the taxes etc had been asked fir a few times before that even.
    It is already on the frequently suggested page. Which was updated in January 2020.
    If you want to get the devs to pay more attention to the idea, May I suggest you contact them directly.

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