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Thread: Collect Rent From Houses & CBs [Merged]

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    Hi Hungry

    I doubt very much they would give us that many coins every day. Even at 2 coins per people each day would add up to quite a lot.

    If it means having dollar signs over each house in my town and having to click on all of them every day, I do not want that. I deleted game with a similar system. If Playrix introduced something like that for lower level, I want a way to opt-out completely.

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    I agree with Graylady - not a fan of this idea.

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    I also am not a fan of this idea. I already have enough stuff to check on daily. You can earn tons of coins by using the Generous Customer booster. I earned over a million coins by using this booster during the Halloween event. Of course I don't have a lot of gems to buy zoo animals but that will come later.

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    Rent for buildings

    It would be more realistic if we could get a monthly or weekly rent for buildings and also pay for renovations. Just a little amount of coins

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    This is a key element in the FB version and I agree, I miss it. One of our forum leaders once said they would find it annoying to click to collect rent from buildings though another source of earning coins would make me happy.

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    Collect Rent From Houses

    Could it not be possible to collect rent/rates from houses? The bigger the house the more rent/rates we collect.

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    Ideas or suggestions

    Dear Team Playrix,
    I just wanna give some suggestion with regard to the game which I am playing for more than a year. I feel very better while playing this game as if I am the real mayor of the town.
    Now I hope it is better to implement the provision so called collecting taxes from all the individual houses at the rate of 10℅ and all the factories @ 30℅ of the total outcomes produced. So that the mayor may end up with more money to develop the town. Hope my idea will work out.
    Kindly acknowledge the receipt of the message.
    Thanking you.

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    I Believe that the concept is good, however, it takes the fun out of the game, especially when you are just beginning to build your town. If money was easily accrued like that it would remove a bit of the strategic aspect of the game in general. Plus, once you get maxed out on the buildings ect, your money becomes plentiful. I think they have a good method, making you work to earn the money, its like real life.. a lot of work and money goes into building the town, but once you get over the uphill battle and acquire all the buildings and homes.. then you reap the rewards of your hard work!

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    Collecting rent

    Could we get the game so that some of the properties are able to collect a rent or taxes?

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    I think the residents should pay something like a tax, like small houses pay a tax every 30 mins and so on.

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