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Thread: Collect Rent From Houses & CBs [Merged]

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    Collect Rent From Houses & CBs [Merged]

    Need to earn more coins... why not tax the houses that are built?

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    I also think that earning money takes a lot of time. I have a Lot of upgrades but money does Not raise that much and I stuck on levels. Buildings could be get upgrades as well (e.g. 3 Step Upgrade) with the Material (nails, Amboss etc.) And with IT last upgrade IT makes a little money Every 24 hours perhaps.

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    There have been many requests for rent, tax, etc. to generate coins over the past 3 years. So far, these requests have not been fulfilled by the Developers.

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    I find the best way to earn coins is filling helicopter orders. What do you mean by three upgrades in buildings? Factories can be upgraded ten times, but that uses ingots.

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    Yes, Lisa, there are many ways to earn coins. Helicopter orders (as you mention), Treasure Troves found in the Mine, planting/selling wheat are a few tried and true methods.

    Also, I don't foresee the builders adding upgrades to our Community Buildings. They pretty much are for looks only right now.
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    Although it may not seem like it at times, there are so many ways to earn coins in the game already. I wouldn't like to see the houses being taxed. Who will pay it? It would very much change the balance in the game.

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    Community buildings

    I love this game, it's one of the best town building games I've ever played, but I don't have enough money to do anything. So I was thinking that maybe some of the community buildings like the coffee shop or grocery store gave a like money back like taxes or rent.

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    Rent from community buildings

    I have a brilliant idea for collecting some extra coins,
    Why can we not collect a small amount (rent) from our community buildings?
    It is costing a lot of coins for the land they are built on, and the buildings themselves.
    It might also help to prevent cheating to get more coins.I am always in need of extra coins.

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    WE are the community, so who's going to pay the rent? Us? PlayRix?
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    Akila, I think the idea is to collect coins in the same way you get paid to, say, send a helicopter order, it is virtual money, not from players' or Playrix's pocket. The same system is used in many games as a means to generate coins.

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