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Thread: Can't See Group Competitors Until Last Day

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    Question Can't See Group Competitors Until Last Day

    Lately (last 3-4 weeks) when racing, it appears that we are the only one in the current "group" racing. Which stinks because that gives a lot of motivation to keep moving forward. Until the final day of that current race, all the sudden it shows what co-op were racing and what their placement. Anyone else having this issue?

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    Yes I've seen that happened to me twice. Fortunately after I started to race by the second day I was shown the other competitors but I started off all by myself on the board it was really weird. But of course according to playrix
    there is nothing wrong with my game SMH

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    OK, so it has happened to others and ours isn't the only one. Ours usually show up the last 12 hours of that current race. One person even theorized that the admins were testing to see if not seeing our competitors would affect the race... hmmm. Thanks for your reply

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