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Thread: April 2018 Calendar (iOS/Android/Kindle)

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    April 2018 Calendar (iOS/Android/Kindle)

    Sadly, the Intergalactic Farm Sneak Peeks were part of an April Fool's Joke.

    But there's still a lot to look forward to!

    Guessing an Ancient Greece (or perhaps Roman?) theme is up next for Regatta Seasons.
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    A roman emperor driving his chariot. In the background the Trohan Horse, greek columns, a temple : Antiquity could be the Theme of the next regatta.
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    Also another flying event is waiting for us. Let's hope for new decorations

    As for the theme of new season - not happy, 'cause that greek aquarium was my least favourite in Fishdom... Well, more tokens for useful staff at last

    PS - want that blue flowers for decoration!
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