I love hitting the Level Checkpoints and getting the treasure chests. Thank you for adding this feature!

But could those chests start appearing next to, or on top of, the Level Bar and be clickable instead of interrupting what I'm working on when I hit it?

I was already minorly annoyed when reaching the end of a level and it stops my game play to tell me with a full screen pop-up, but now it's often enough that I'm getting perturbed by the interruptions, and I shouldn't be getting annoyed at something that I should otherwise be happy to receive.

Maybe make the Level Up icon be different from the regular chest, and also be clickable. Again, so that the level checkpoints and level up moments aren't interrupting my game play, and I can click on them when I'm ready. The first Level Up and Checkpoints can come with pop-up instructions for the new players, but the rest of us won't have to be interrupted by unexpected pop-ups.