It takes time to find a good city layout, higher level players have improved their city in an ongoing process.

If you want to change the layout and try something crazy, different and more interesting you need to delete everything and after a few hours designing your city you either accept it or cancel....losing either your old layout or your new layout design. Wouldn’t it be good if it didn’t get lost?

Here‘s what i’d like added to the game:
1. Give us a clearall / revert all city button in Editor. Save players having to click every item to remove it to editor.
2. Give us the ability to save upto 3 drafts. Let’s player take his time, experimenting with ideas without losing drafts.
3. Give us the function to switch through our 3 drafts, making it the current city layout, without losing the previous. Visitors will scour your city more often enjoying your ideas.

This will encourage players to experiment with new city designs!
Higher level player will find new motivation to try something new, without losing old design.

Thank you...