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Thread: Item Icons Instead of "!"

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    Item Icons Instead of "!"

    How about SHOWING the request items instead of showing a "!" On each player needing help.
    1. If you look and have the item but not enough in the barn { back to my town, get items from field/factory, go back to was it 2nd from left, no.. one next to it} now I fulfill request. . . . . If we could see icon we can go to correct town quicker.

    2. If I see an icon I don't know, it's probably because I can't make or grow it yet. ... Skip it.
    . . If I see an icon I also need for a crate, or train car. -- I can't spare them... Skip.

    . . . . . . The forum requires waiting 3600 seconds between posts (BUT ONLY TELLS A USER THIS AFTER THEY SPENT TIME CREATING ANOTHER MESSAGE . . . . Tell people how long they have to wait BEFORE they start typing ... If it'll take longer to wait than it'll take to type the user can choose to come back later, rather than waste their time typing...)...
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    Anyone else have an opinion ? ( Click on image above to see my idea.)

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    It's only my opinion, but this wouldn't save me from visiting a town. Ok a player needs bread. How many bread? 4, 8, 10? I still have to see whether I'm able to fill it or not.

    The same issue applies for the many times people have suggested changing the exclamation point to green if you have the needed thing(s) in the barn, and red if you don't. A red exclamation point isn't a guarantee you can't help. You may have what they need in a factory shelf or a field, so you'd probably want to check anyway.
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    Yes, but if you look, then go back to your factory after picking up required items, it could help you remember which friend making a request was asking for the items you just picked up. And if you know you don't have a particular item ( you just used all you had and still need more yourself ) it could save you looking if that is all they need.

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    They could go with the "!" but with a color change. Amber for they need help but you dont have it in the barn and green "!" if you do have it in your barn. Of course, this might turn inaccurate if they need 70 corn etc.
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