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Thread: Newbie needs help

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    Newbie needs help

    I want to know how do you get boosters. Am I blind?

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    Quote Originally Posted by elsam View Post
    I want to know how do you get boosters. Am I blind?
    Hi Elsam. Welcome to the Forum There are several ways to get boosters:

    1. From making as many 4 or more matches within your game. These will provide explosives and also fill up the rainbow blaster under your moves total.
    2. If you are playing on the newest version, not the Facebook version- yet, you will see a daily lucky spin wheel with rewards including boosters.
    3. You can buy them with coins earned in the game by clicking on the +sign next to the booster
    4. You can purchase them via the App Store that you used to install your game.

    I hope that this he!ps

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    I have the fb version. before you play to level up there are 3 different boosters of different amounts. That is what I meant. sorry

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    I think they are added randomly when you win a game and from the wheel spin.

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    guess I'll wait and see. thanks

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