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Thread: 17.11 The Harvest Season Event

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    I am loving the event!! The bonus prizes were a great idea and surprise! I usually stop playing an event once I reach the top level prize but not this time...I am still playing.

    Thanks, playrix for a great event!!

    Now if only we get a humongous Christmas tree to build with the December update...hint, hint

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    Playrix - as other players have said - this is best event ever! We are so appreciating the rewards at each level! Thank you Thank you!
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    Love it! It's my favorite event so far. Thank you👍

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    I agree with everyone....this is the best event ever! Do NOT agree with the "humongous Christmas tree to build" in December update. I detest the stupid upgradable monstrosities! They are a huge waste of resources, coins and space. I think it junks up the town and makes it look like a tourist attraction. They're all ridiculous!

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    Yayyyyyy we have reached the global target!!! Well done everybody

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