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Thread: Share your fanart!

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    Love to art & playing games for garden scapes

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    Hi!! This is my submission!! I hope you like it!! Good luck everyone!! Please pick me!!IMG_0123.jpg

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heidi O'Neill View Post
    My submission for the fanart contest....hope you like it.
    Did you draw this?

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    This is my gardener)
    Good luck to all
    Всем привет

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    I thought I would share a collage of pictures from my garden. Now that spring is arriving, it will be time to go out and work - wish Austin could come help me in my garden!!! I could use the help!

    My Photo won't load! I have tried png, jpeg, tiff, pdf..... HELP!

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    @ms.l.smith I uploaded mine on the internet and used the url + the BBCode [img]url[/img]
    My photo did not load as well so I used this

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    Thats unfair..

    Quote Originally Posted by Pieter En Lizél Hendriks View Post
    Attachment 25548
    My drawing
    Sorry but thats totally unfair. You just put a filter on a picture ._. You did not draw this.
    There are people (like me) who spend a lot of time in their drawing to win that competition fairly! Anybody can put a filter on a pic.

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    Can seem to Submit my Entry after following Directions?

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    Jajaa mola el juego quita el aburrimiento

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