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    27.03 Interview with Professor Verne!

    Hi, Townshippers!

    You won’t believe what we’ve got for you today! We had a chance to interview the most peculiar Township dweller. It’s Professor Verne, everyone! Read on, guys!

    Interviewer: Where are you from, and how long have you been living in Township?

    Professor Verne: Did you know that we are all literally made of stardust? That's why my home is the universe, and Township is one of its best corners. I've lived here for quite a while. However, if you think about the multiverse theory, the real question is how many Townships have I been living in… Sorry, I tend to get carried away.

    I.: Who inspired you to become a scientist?

    P.V.: I think the right question would be... WHAT inspired me to become a scientist, and I can proudly say my books did. I’ve had chemistry with science ever since I got my hands on…a chemistry textbook. I still read it from time to time while working in the Laboratory and always find something new, even after 50 years!

    I.: Do you enjoy your current job in the Laboratory?

    P.V.: Of course! I'm one of those lucky people who wake up inspired and just full of ideas every morning. My Lab is like a collider — it’s a place where I can accelerate my ideas and see what happens. When I finish work, it’s usually already time for dinner, and after dinner I do some reading.

    I.: What are your hobbies, Professor?

    P.V.: It turns out if you dedicate yourself to science, it takes up all of your time...and space. But I’m lucky to be able to say that my job is my hobby. What could be more fulfilling than inventing a couple of boosters on a Sunday morning?

    I.: Which boosters are you the most proud of, by the way?

    P.V.: Let me ask you something — do neutrons have mass?

    I.: Well, um, I’m not sure…

    P.V.: Your question is just as difficult for me to answer. I really love all of my boosters. They’re as bright and unique as stars in the sky.

    Take Generous Customer, for example. This booster is for real entrepreneurs who want to make a fortune in just two days. It doubles the amount of coins you get for all your helicopter orders!

    Competitive Townshippers who like Regattas, often use the High-Speed Production booster. It improves the efficiency of factories — goods take 30% less time to produce!

    The Vibrant Market booster is for town’s shopaholics, because with it, the goods at the Market refresh twice as often.

    Other boosters are just as amazing, but I’m afraid if you don’t stop me, I can go on about them for as long as the Voyager probe will drift in outer space.

    I.: Can you share some tips on how to get more gems to activate the boosters?

    P.V.: I was surprised when someone told me gems were hard to get. It’s actually as easy as pi (ha, get it?)! You can get them by sending fully loaded airplanes. You can also find gems in treasure chests and earth tiles. A friend of mine often drops by the House of Luck and wins gems there. The odds always seem to be in his favor, lucky fellow!

    Even though it’s been forever since I’ve raced in Regattas, I’m as positive as an atom missing an electron that you can win gems there as rewards too.

    You see, there are lots of ways! Hey, maybe I should write a book on that? I could call it “General Gemistry”?

    I.: What’s the maximum number of boosters that can be activated at once?

    P.V.: Well, there’s a special equation to calculate that, it goes like this: η=Azα(μ+1)+Bwβ(μ+1). But if you want, I can just tell you the answer — three. I think that’s enough to make any town thrive. All you need to do to activate boosters is drag and drop them onto the Laboratory screen!

    I.: Tell us about the boosters you can get from events.

    P.V.: They’re rewards for the fastest and most dedicated Township event participants. Currently there are six such boosters, for example, the Rich Fields booster, which makes your crops ready 40% faster. Fully loaded planes earn you twice as many coins when Profitable Flight is activated. And I’m so proud of the Smart Navigation booster — it makes ships arrive twice as fast.

    I.: I’ve heard a lot about the Academy of Industry and how great it is. Can you tell us more about it?

    P.V.: Imagine a place in your town where you can see all the factories, trains, and islands that can be upgraded. In Township there is such a place, it's called the Academy of Industry! Your town can be accelerated almost to the speed of light with it. Goods take less time to be produced, you get extra shelves in factories, and your ships return faster.

    I.: Are there any free coupons one can get?

    P.V.: Yes, absolutely! You can get Upgrade Coupons as a reward for participating in events. We’ve got Train, Factory, and Island Coupons that give you one free upgrade. These coupons are available in the Academy of Industry once you claim them.

    I.: I’ve heard there’s an Achievement for a certain upgrade. Would you mind telling a bit more about that?

    P.V.: That’s one of my favorite Achievements, as a matter of fact, ha-ha! It’s called the Triumph of Modernization. You need to continually upgrade a certain number of factories from level ten to level fifteen. Once you start this Achievement, it’s difficult to stop until it's 100% done!

    I.: Could you tell us the secret of your success?

    P.V.: The notion of success is relative… Nevertheless, a booster a day keeps all troubles away!

    How cool was the interview?
    Join the discussions below and share your impressions! ☀
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