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Thread: Offensive language about the Coast Guard Station

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    Offensive language about the Coast Guard Station

    Can you please change the dialogue that the town's people have when you are building the Coast Guard Station?

    In most countries the Coast Guard is considered part of the military. They are not life guards. Search and rescue is a small part of what the Coast Guard does. They have scientific research missions. Fishery management is also a mission. They do a lot of migrant interdiction and they keep waterways clear and replace buoys.

    My son spent many months in the S China Sea working with China's Coast Guard and was supposed to be in Russia for a port stop. His job involved weapons and he never saved one girl in a bikini.

    Please give the men and women the respect they deserve. And add a phone booth near your CG station so they can call their mom. ❤

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    This offends you? It's a game. Most people have no idea what any branch of the military does. I'd leave it alone and count my blessings. I'm a military spouse and parent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tweetsie View Post
    Most people have no idea what any branch of the military does.
    That's correct, and all the more in other countries than one's own. And is exactly the reason why I appreciate someone who knows adding some info. Maybe the Devs will be thankful, as it saves them some research (of which they probably didn't think *g*).
    Apart from that, anything that is considered offensive by anyone, should be changed, if done easily. Which here probably is the case.
    So, no need for the OP to hold her opinion back, esp. as her post was politely worded.

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    It is impossible to not offend some people. Trying not to can be strangulating on the whole principle of free speech. Military people understand this more than many others, it seems.

    However, it is reasonable to set standards of behavior and expect/demand participants on a site to adhere to such. It is also reasonable to ask for a change from those in charge, but if the change is not forthcoming to accept it as it is and figure out how/if to proceed.

    People are allowed to see things differently and at least so far in the USA, that is allowed.

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    There's nothing offensive, demeaning, or disrespectful about being a Life Guard. It's an honorary compliment. The Coast Guard does, in FACT, Guard Lives, and they do it professionally while risking their own life upon Sea, Land and Air. They're also Freedom Liaisons, Mobile Triage Experts, Critical Supply Deployment Droppers, Construction Geniuses, Communication Masters, Special Mission High Risk Rescuers, Firefighters, Law Enforcement Specialists, Anti-Terrorism Officers, Homeland Anti-Tyranny Support, and a myriad of many, many other things INCLUDING saving the occasional woman in a bikini because her boat is sinking. When the big Poo-Poo hits the fan, the Coast Guard is there, and they can be a serious force to reckon with when combined with a Constitutional Republic Militia too, "the nightmare congress keeps forgetting about ".
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