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Thread: How To Contact Township Support (Windows)

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    Question How To Contact Township Support (Windows)

    If you are experiencing any problems in the game using Windows platforms, please follow these easy steps to contact our Customer Support Team:

    1. Open the game and click the ‘Settings’ button (blue gear icon on the left).

    2. Click ‘Help and Support’ and review the FAQ pages.

    3. In case you didn’t find a solution in the articles, please return to the Settings and click ‘Report an Issue’ button.

    4. This will open a new email window, containing the technical information about your game and device. Please do not delete this data: our Support Team needs it to help you solve the issue.

    5. Describe your issue, attach all necessary screenshots and tap the ‘Send’ button.

    In case you are transferred to a blank browser page after clicking the ‘Report an Issue’ button, it’s necessary to setup your email client following these instructions if you are using Windows platform. Kindly make sure that a MailTo Protocol is chosen for your email client:

    • Click on the ‘File’ tab;
    • Go to the ‘Parameters’ section;
    • Click on the ‘Default Programs’ button.

    One of the agents will be happy to assist you after receiving your in-game request!
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