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    Phew! I just finally finished redesigning my town. Took me a couple weeks - completely redid it. I was tired of having to wear a hard hat everytime I was there! Lol

    I try to take reality and common sense in mind while doing town lay out, but aesthetics is the ultimate decision maker.

    I feel 'unsettled' when I visit towns where, for example, toxic smelters are placed by the warerfall or other water. I try to take advantage of the existing landscape, like lakes undeveloped around where I have placed my "campground and park". Nestling the golf course up against a back "wall" and not developing the lot next to it. My favorite change I made was creating a 'Resort', right at the top next to the scenic waterfall. I have the 5☆Hotel, spa, tennis court, pool w/diving board, etc there. Also draws like House of Luck, a music Venue, horseback riding &other stuff one would see located near a resort.

    Next to it I placed the photo studio, Wedding Chapel, some Valentine''s decor, like the heart bench and park, to give it the feel of a Honeymoon Venue.

    One side of my town holds most of the agriculture & animals. I keep food factories - restaurants is how I try to present them - far away from the toxic production places. I put my greenhouse and bees next to each other with sugar & jam facs nestled in between fields which I designate to berries, flowers & sugar only. Looks pretty: bees love it! My Boardwalk and Amusement area house the doll fac, as well as most all child related stuff like comics,bikes, etc. Also there is the 'man cave'. Cops, donuts (of course!), Gym, taverns, Fire Dpt, ball courts, & automotive needs. Town Center holds gov't buildings & culture and lastly, The U is close to coffee, pizza, music store, movies, and a laundrymat.

    Wish I could have figured out how to use the tools to help us store stuff during the rebuilding process. Just never got the hang of it. I also wish i would have known early on how long it would take to acquire land. Can't imagine I will ever have enough land to actually properly place those darn apartment bldgs so many of us just cram in against the rocks! I have used some modern ones as Professional bldgs. I also always see myself changing up area I've designated as an "Ethnic" neighborhood. Since I just redecorated I'll leave my current Asian homage intact. But from now on I will feature the holiday or season decs there, that''s why I've relegated space near the water with ample green space to keep things from feeling too crowded. Can't wait to see Halloween placed there next year!*

    Have gotten some great ideas from y'all. Love the theme park and movie set idea-Brilliant! What an interesting use of all those fun Regatta themes without making our towns look like slums!

    Now off to check out your towns! Can't put it off much longer...I now have to put my efforts towards the zoo. That development is gonna be so expensive AND time consuming! I also need to learn how to add my 'about' info to the bottom of my the meantime I'm Michele from TS 'La La Land'. Only Lvl 79, but growing every day! Blessings.

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    I like to keep my town looking as realistic as possible. I have a section for farming and animals. Most factories are grouped in the same area. Small houses are in one section so that it appears as they are in a suburban sub division. I have an athletic arena complete with stadium next to the scholastic campus. The resort is right off the water. The dolphinarium is to the side of the resort. Restaurants are all by the boardwalk. I like to keep tall buildings grouped together for now. Once I have more space available I’ll spread them out a lil more. And eventually I’ll get rid of the Victorian townhouses, my least favorite building.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Michele Bogdon Valdez View Post
    I also need to learn how to add my 'about' info to the bottom of my the meantime I'm Michele from TS 'La La Land'. Only Lvl 79, but growing every day! Blessings.
    Hi Michele,

    You can add you town info at the bottom of your posts by clicking on Settings (top right of screen), then clicking on ‘Edit Signature’ (located in the My Settings/My Profile area to the left of screen. Create your signature, and hit Save. This works when you are in ‘full site’ mode.

    In the meantime, could you please post details of your Co-op code? This will enable people to locate your town. I would love to check it out - it sounds like you have put a lot of time, effort and thought into it.

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    Carnivorous Crops and Random Snow require Magic.
    Have you ever watched your crops eat your Farm Workers? Does that bother you? It bothered me, so I added Magic to my town. My Farm Workers are actually magically animated fertilizer, which breaks down over time as the plants mature, ultimately returning to earth when the plants no longer need their ministrations. As all Real towns do, my town has distinctive areas which have a reason for existing where they do. The original town, now called The Village is on the opposite side of the river from the city. On the village side of the river are the farming and Mining areas as well as the University. Looking at the University it is easy to see the growth of that Institution based on the architecture of the buildings. The university also encompasses the school of magic which is on an island specifically created for that purpose. Streets in the University District are paved with brick. Streets in the Old Village are gravel and dirt. Streets in the city are paved with asphalt. Secondary roads are gravel and outer rural roads are dirt. The factory district is close to the larger apartment houses, as that is where most of their workers live. Along the river on the city Side are the amusement . Also on the city side of the river near the bay, are the archaeological museums and the technological museums. The Village contains several cottage industries, the required Village Church, a school, the post office, and a popular high-end Seaside Spa. The stodgy villagers don't know it, but there is a fairy Village through the woods near their town which can only be accessed across a magic Lake by Swan boat. On the city Side, the drive-in movie theater is out in The Boondocks as all drive-in movie theaters should be. Separated from the drive-in movie theater by a dense woods is another magical Outpost where the graduates of the school of magic live if they do not wish to pass themselves off as Ordinary People.
    The zoo has a polar area with a constant snow cover which is maintained by Magic. A recent magical accident caused an outbreak of pink and yellow bunnies. These have now been mostly contained in a corner of the zoo near the lions and tigers. My town is called Duffy's Landing . It is in the Lucky Charms Co-op. It is magically delicious LOL it is in the lucky Charms co-op. It is magically delicious LOL

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    Town design definitely is something I enjoy. However, I'm holding back on spending too much coin on decorations while still developing my town. So most decoration I have is from events, tcash, stars, and only a limited amount handpicked for coins. Still there's a lot you can do just with terrain type, paving and roads.

    I'm quite happy with my farm layout. I've made my farmfields into a polder, complete with windmills on a dike and loads of waterways. So far it's the one themed part I think is "done".

    I'm still working on my waterfront. It's semi okay.

    I'm still working on my town districts. Right now they're a bit of a mess, a compromise between practicality (all factories together) and sorting (a historical town centre, a modern highriser section, a marketplace and shopping area.

    Recently I made a wild west theme park I'm quite happy with. And I cleared some land for a larger theme park, which I'll develop once I've built that last factory.

    So much a work in progress.

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    My town has developed as its grown, with my farm and fields still predominantly together and the early buildings remaining in my ‘town centre’. I like it so it makes sense to live there, if I lived in any of those buildings there would have to be something nice nearby. I try to keep the factories away from residential areas but I also don’t like everything grouped together (looking too industrial) I’ve began placing the factories in different areas, there’s a bit of travelling involved though lol, I still have some developing to do so looking forward to gaining more space and the remaining buildings.
    Along with too much grouping of similar buildings, I also don’t like too much symmetry. I do like to have certain ‘themes’ together. I like plenty of water too, my favourite areas are around the water.

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    I like how your town is coming along, NewTown! Your style is similar to mine ... I want my town to be more realistic, but also have ease of play. The only section I'm definitely done and happy with contains the mine and foundries, with the lab, academy of industry and mint fronting them (yes, I bought the mint before I learned it's useless LOL!) They are at the mountains in far left corner. (The few houses near it are for the workers.)

    Everything else is still in a state of flux ... I like how my town center looks, but don't want it so close to the train. Would like to move the factories into that area and make it an industrial park, and move the town center closer to the river. But need to find time to sit down and move it all. Wish I could just drag a box around the whole set-up and move it in one fell swoop LOL!

    Right now I'm working on expanding the upper area to the right of the river/waterfall so I can possibly move my barn and animals into it. I have them just to the right of the mine, and I like how it all fits together right now, but I'm not sure if I want to keep them there or move them away from the mining. However, if I do move them away from the mines, what should go there instead? Decisions, decisions. Maybe that should become an industrial park instead? Typing this out is actually helping me brainstorm ... need to think more about that area.

    Also trying to decide how to lay my fields ... several ways I'm thinking about: (1) keep the fields all together like they are now; (2) separate them into groups of 6-10 fields each for ease of planting, but still near each other; or (3) put several fields near each factory and plant what the factory uses (i.e., 5-6 rubber tree fields next to plastic factory). I've seen other towns that put a few fields next to each factory that used certain materials and liked the idea, but at the same time, when I want to grow and sell lots of wheat, having them all together would make that easier. Yep, more to think about (in addition to everything else that's in my head!)

    Update 4/22: Yesterday I finished clearing the upper section to the right of the waterfall so went ahead and moved the barn and farm animals into it. Taking a little of getting used to a new place to swipe to when needing the barn and stuff, but liking it so far. Instead of turning the area to the left of the waterfall into industrial, I turned it into a national forest for camping and cabins. Planted cedars and firs, but hope to add sequoias once those are finally unlocked (that'll be awhile since I'm only on level 20 in my zoo right now, but that's okay ... they take a long time to grow so we'll just pretend I've planted the seeds for now LOL!) Let me know what you think?
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    Priscilla, would love to see your town, but it's hard to find. There are lots of co-ops called Lucky Charms and I couldn't find your town in any of them. Can you share the co-op's code to help us narrow the search? Definitely want to check your town out ... love how you described it!

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    I'm in the middle of designing my town. I've been playing for 7 months and have reached level 60. I have all my factories in the upper left corner going down and then I placed my community buildings around the left side and down towards the water. In the middle of my town is the school and some small buildings and then towards the right over the water is my homes and plots with my barn. I am currently working on a"state park" area in my town. Trying to make it look nice and like a normal wildlife area for camping and hiking. If y'all would like to look aty town I'm in the group Laura's Place and my towns name is Pittsville. I hope you can check it out and get ideas from it. I try to make my town look nice and not so busy or cramped up. There a large water area which I designed and a pier and boardwalk for the roller coaster and other rides. I hope y'all like it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by kimpitts123 View Post
    If y'all would like to look aty town I'm in the group Laura's Place and my towns name is Pittsville.
    hi kimpitts,

    alas, your town can't be found this way, assuming you mean Coop with group (maybe the apostrophe is the culprit and there are yet more Coops than what I tried and found). You'd better give us the Coop tag, which you can find in the block at top right corner of your Coop; starts with a # -- that one is unique and has no special characters.

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