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Thread: Levels Confusion

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    Levels Confusion

    I thought that the population in a township determined a player's level. There are many players who have a slightly larger population than me, but they're at a whole lot higher levels. What actually determines a player's level?

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    Levels depend on the XP earned by a player. No direct relation with the population. Some players may have sold some houses too, reducing their population.

    If you click on the bar to the right of your level you will see how much XP you need for your next level.

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    Adding to what Graylady highlighted, the population of a town is directly correlated to the houses.

    - More houses, more population
    - In order to build more houses, we need to complete more community buildings. Community buildings increases population capacity. For e.g., if I ignore community buildings for 4 levels, then I would have same population cap as someone 4 levels below me and has completed all community buildings.
    - Also you need a certain population to buy factories. For e.g. I became eligible for Kitchenware factory a level back. However it requires population of 14500 and I only had 14250 population since I had not finished the bike rental community building for the longest time.

    Hope I did not confuse you.

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