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Thread: Co-op Purpose/Function

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    Co-op Purpose/Function

    I just joined a 30/30 co-op. Most do the races. But I'm surprised that most have never helped, even many who are asking for help. I've been in the co-op less than 2 hours, yet I have already helped 4, and being only level 19, there's many who are asking for stuff that I can't produce yet.

    Socially, the members seem to keep to themselves, with only me gabbing in chat. At first I thought it was because maybe I was the only one on other than the one who invited me to the co-op. That is until the requests starting pouring in. Can't make friends if people don't chat.

    The good thing is most are active in the races, although I'm not sure what this means as I just now became eligible to join a co-op. But I'm assuming it means good things.

    I had high hopes that a co-op was a way to get friends who loved game and were active in helping & teaching & chatting & making friends.

    I've only been here less than an hour, so maybe not enough time for the more active to be on, so I'm sure my first impressions of co-op life doesn't tell the whole story.

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    Hang in there for some time and hope that things would change for better (as per your expectations). If not, please search for new Co-Ops who are looking for members. You can see a lot of postings in this sub-forum itself (above this thread).

    I have been part of only one Co-Op since I started playing the game. And I was very lucky to find a Co-Op with Global members who love to chat. A bunch of us have been playing together for a long time and at times we spend a lot of time chatting about different cultures, likes, dislikes, etc.

    My best wishes to you in the search :-)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tannie View Post
    I just joined a 30/30 co-op. Most do the races. But I'm surprised that most have never helped, even many who are asking for help. I've been in the co-op less than 2 hours, yet I have already helped 4
    I was just wondering how you saw they never helped - if it was the display in the Coop listing, that one is reset to 0 at the beginning of a race, IOW today.

    Additionally, I would recommend to keep asking your questions in Chat - what their rules are, whether it's always so quiet or is it depending on timezones, and so on. At least the one who invited you will answer at some point, I guess. But I would imagine, more will...unless you have indeed met a Coop that has 30 (!) folks ONLY coming together for silently racing... lol, maybe there are these. I remember an ad of a player searching a new Coop who wrote he wouldn't like the "thx / yw (you're welcome)" all the time, just wanted to race.
    With the changes meanwhile, like reservation feature, I think silence and no rules might become difficult.

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    Don't feel pressured by requests you can't fill, there are 28 other co-op members who can help. The requests are for the entire group, not just you. Give it some time and just have fun playing. If you decide you want a chattier co-op, there are plenty available.

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    Are most of the team of much higher level than you? If not, then they may be new to this themselves, in which case you may have a chance to influence things towards the tone you want through your own behaviour. But yes, there are definitely coops out there who don’t chat, may not even share a language, don’t have particular rules, and/or would be better described as coexisting alongside one another rather than cooperating per se. If you’re in one of those, you might do better to hit up the adverts here, or even have a look on Facebook to see if you can find a better fit. That way you have a chance to feel them out before committing yourself.

    A couple of points to note generally are, you can tell who helps well from their town hall’s stats, not their weekly help total. And if you’re keen to take racing seriously at all, then the crucial factor is to check everyone who is marked as ‘Racing’ actually completes tasks, and that those who don’t remember to set themselves ‘Not Racing’ in the settings. Otherwise you face an extra competitor for their sake, which makes for a harder time than necessary. There are some brilliantly helpful guides on here that are definitely worth you reading, tho maybe not all at once, lol. Not just on regatta, but on coops in general too. They’ll give you an idea of the sorts of things to consider.

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    There's a lot of co-op with silent but active members, I've been there and raced with them silently for weeks. They definitely would notice you if you help a lot. Don't feel bad about it, they just need time to warm up to you, and you've just arrived. You can always leave and join a new coop, looking for the one you really like and feel at home. It is kind of a "matching" process.

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    I think DD is correct in that helping in the co-op reset. That's such a relief. So many have the "racing" next to their name, that it was hard to imagine the group not active in any other way. I have been helped by many today, so I know we are a group of givers. I do enjoy giving. Before I fill any of my orders, I look to see who I can help on my friends list & my co-op list. My priority is train>friends & co-op>plane. But chat still remains silent.

    I guess I joined too late for the race. I'm assuming the race is the same as the regatta?

    Most of us are close to the same level. I joined yesterday when I was 20, and I'm now 22. All of us are in our 20's with the exception of the leader who is in her 30's. And after a day, I see that is for the best as I have most of the factories that they need stuff from.

    Hopefully they will teach me about racing & regatta.

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