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Thread: Co-op Members Stealing Reserved Tasks

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    We do the same exact thing, only reserves for tasks that can require prep time, in the beginning everyone was reserving chests, choppers, mine, feeds and it tied up the board, we told everyone no quick tasks can be reserved, occasionally we have someone still reserve a chest or chopper and we remove the reserve by reserving over theirs and then removing it to prove our point! It's helped quite a bit and no drama

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    Happened in the beginning but that was due to not upgrading and I forgot to promote those that were just members... now if a task is reserved we keep an eye on it if someone else can knock it over fast we ask the person who reserved if they mind.. If it's something to be prepared earlier we also make post informing others that prep is in the works and they are considerate to leave it... I like the idea I wish we could take the reserved and another at the same; I'm making cheesecakes and then there is another not multi requesting the same amt of cheesecakes I would take both if I

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    Também estou tendo problemas com as reservas, poderia voltar como era antes .

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    Happens in our group and we have set some rules. Now we are paying closer attention to things because it’s caused stress in ou co-op but it would be helpful if only leaders could take or delete the reserved status of a task. It would also help if we had more tasks on the board to choose from so were not falling over one another trying to get decent tasks.
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