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Thread: Leagues

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    Hi Wicked,

    have you had a chance to find out if your league issue was solved as well? I just won my wooden league race and guess what? Got "demoted" to wooden league, lol
    Probably a Mac thing, and no, hasn't been fixed yet. After your experience though, I'm wary to report this glitch, specially because I don't really care which league im in.
    Happy gaming

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    Hi Mia,

    During the most recent challenge that finished for me - Leo - I wasn't really a contender. I got up to 5th place at some point, but too much else going on during the Easter week to advance beyond that. I might even have finished in last place. So when I got 'demoted' to Wooden League again (is it even possible to be demoted to the lowest league when you started there?), I wasn't surprised.
    It's worrying that you finished first and still ended up being demoted, though. I'd trusted that it would all work out now.
    I wasn't overly concerned about staying wooden until I started this thread to ask what Leagues were all about. And discovered that there are good prizes on offer.
    Have you closed down the game and re-opened it? It might be that you need to pick up the latest update, or something like that. If you *have* done so, then please do report it!
    Goldflipper's just started for me and I'm currently in 1st place. Oops! Just dropped down to 2nd. Oh well. Still three days to go.
    Good luck, Mia.

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    And the results are in.
    This morning, my current Goldflipper challenge finished.
    I finished in second place with a blue shell next to my name. Sapphire?
    I received seven diamonds and one of each of the five boosters as a prize.
    And again - was 'demoted' to Wooden League.

    So I'm sorry to report that the fix, whatever it was, didn't work.

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    hi WA,

    what a pity... and curious to know: did you (dare to) report it ingame?

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    _DD_, I did. Politely, of course. They need to know! :-D

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    Brave of you, WA Crossing fingers again!

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    Very brave indeed, Wicked. Good luck

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    It's just happened again - Leo challenge finished this morning, I came second, and received seven diamonds and one of each of five boosters.
    AND got 'demoted' to Wooden League.
    Valeriia just asked me to post screenshots. This morning's window has now disappeared and the only way I can invoke it again, is if I finish top again. Which takes more diamonds, boosters and time that I have at present.

    BUT - I've remembered I took screenshots the first time I reported this - when I came first and still got demoted.
    So I'm posting them here for the support staff to see. Note - it's from several weeks ago, when I won Leo.

    Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 14.30.12.jpg
    Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 14.30.32.jpg

    You'll see the date is 28th March and the time for both, is 14:30.

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    Me again.

    I'd had a message that it had been fixed and would I please restart and test it and let the support staff know.
    This is dependent on me getting into the top three, but Leo just finished this morning and I made third place. I had a green shell next to my name. Hooray! Emerald League at last?
    No. Sorry to report that I was once again 'demoted' to the Wooden League.

    Screenshots attached for the support staff to see:

    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 07.12.08.jpg

    Screen Shot 2018-04-26 at 07.12.25.jpg

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    Incomprehensible why they shouldn't be able to get this to work. There certainly are other games that manage to upgrade players in the game's context, even on Mac. Maybe ask there, Playrix?

    Playrix is lucky to have such a devoted - and such a good = winning! lol - player like you, WA!

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