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    Graylady, I had another reply from Anna K this morning, saying 'unfortunately' they have to rely on their own records.
    So I've now checked my own records. I see I downloaded Fishdom from Playrix via the Apple Store on 1st December 2016. I've had all updates from the same official place, as they've become available.
    I've also added up all my invoices I could find for diamonds via the Apple Store and it was a lot more than I thought.
    So I don't know which bit of this is unofficial or cheating.
    I've sent a strong private message this morning.
    And now I know how much I've spent over the last year or so, that's been a wake-up call. I certainly shan't spend another penny piece until the issue is resolved and I've had a full apology for the accusations and shoddy treatment.

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    Hi Wicked

    So sorry you are going through that ! The whole situation is so strange. I wonder what record she is referring to. Is she confusing the MAC and iPad version ?

    I really hope you will get a satisfying answer soon.

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    Hi Wicked, I thought I was the only one I get demoted (from where???) to wood at all competitions even if I win it. I don't really care, and never even thought about complaining, I just assumed this was a normal part of Playrix' treatment of players who dare to use a Mac. False accusations are just part of our lives with these games, I have been banned twice from TS for cheating. Me!! Of course no real apology, but thankfully rather quick de-banning. Like you, I downloaded the game from Apples App Store. I play the games as a pastime, and so don't mind about the slow going, but still I do get upset about the shoddy treatment we Macplayers get. Until the update yesterday (or the day before?) our fish were still swimming around with Santa caps, lol
    Keep us updated, will you?
    Happy playing nonetheless

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    Thank you.

    I have no idea how she's come to the conclusion she has, but have no intention of trying to second-guess someone so rude.
    Ah well. Suddenly I have more time for other things. Silver linings, eh? :-D

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    Hi Mia,

    Sorry didn't see you there - we crossed in the post.
    You had a Christmas event? Lucky you! I didn't. Nor Valentine's.
    So you play on a Mac and have the same problem? Curious. I didn't complain about the woodenness of my leagues, I asked a polite question. I'm complaining now, though.
    Since Sky (above) mentioned something about beating 40 players, I'm wondering if our repeated demotion is because there aren't so many of us Mac players?
    I rarely end up in a tournament group with 40 players - probably about 20 max. So if beating 40 is a criterion, we're unable to make that. Hardly our fault, though, is it.

    Thanks for the post.

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    Hi Wicked,

    that sucks :-( I've always had good experience with the support from within the product (the forums here are mostly ignored when it comes to issues), I guess you were unlucky to run into the wrong person.

    I play on iOS and indeed, there's always about 100 players in my group in tournaments (regardless of how long before the ending I join). In the standings chart, there's always an icon between the name of the player and score if that player is to be promoted or demoted to a different league. Have you seen any of that? My guess is that in your case it's a bug that they don't seem to be eager to investigate and fix.

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    Hi Sky,
    Thanks for coming back. Yes, we've never had 100 players in the Mac leagues to my knowledge. That might be it. It would have been a simple answer to a simple question.
    The icons by the placed players: What I said before was from memory. Now I have a Goldflipper challenge going on and I see that top has a red clamshell next to it, second has a blue one and third has a green one. I'm in fifth place and we all have yellow ones next to us.
    I might have been higher, but I've run out of diamonds for five extra moves, and refuse to buy any more, as stated above. So I play my five games then stop. There are only 11 playing in my group, so it's not that hard to rise, if you spend.
    But it remains true, that when I've been in the number one slot, Sir Goldflipper comes by and tells me I'm almost in the next league - and then I drop back again. Which is why I queried it in the first place. Politely. I didn't expect to be called a liar and a cheat.
    No matter. More important things happening in the world than Fishdom.
    I'm very disappointed in the whole thing.

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    Hi Wicked,

    I don't think too few players is or should be the issue. I just started playing today's Goldflipper and at the moment I joined the tournament, there were only about 50 players but the promote/demote icons were behaving correctly (i.e. in Ruby league from 40th place down everyone had the demote icon).

    But indeed, there are more important things than Fishdom :-) I wish you better luck with those :-)

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    Thanks Sky.

    Looking in this morning, I see I'm in 6th position, so someone's been busy in the night (my night). The person in the 11th place has nothing by their names, but the rest of us (apart from top three) have a yellow clam by their names. Everybody has an upward flashing green arrow. Is this what you mean by a promote icon? I suppose if Wooden is the lowest, then the only way is up.

    I'm still shocked by how much I've spent on Fishdom over the last year. I've been a well-paying customer, and Playrix have been happy to take all that money, even if they think I'm using a pirate copy; so I think I was owed a civil answer to a civil question.

    Ah well. Good luck in your game.

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    hi WA

    this situation is so abzzzurd, it just can't be true.
    So far we've had to tell posters here "only", that they don't have to feel singled out by Playrix' automated replies, but your situation seems to be an unwelcome novum, with a human involved.

    As I still hope you will feel generous enough at some point to return to the game - hoping it will be fun again! - I would like to remind you of Graylady's suggestion here:

    AFAIK, Lyuba is the Fishdom Admin,

    so pls PM her with your ticket ID (know where to find it? it should be somewhere top right (?) behind a question mark) and a link to this thread. I can't imagine she would not solve it properly and save you from that other strange CS person.
    Good luck and keep the good mood
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