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    Can someone please tell me what these are all about?

    I started off on the Wooden League. I've won or been placed in several recent tournaments - Leo and Goldflipper - and each time, along with my winner's reward, comes the message, 'We're Sorry! You've been demoted to the Wooden League.'
    Just now, Sir Goldflipper has just finished. He said from time to time, 'You're nearly in the next League!' - even though I was in top place at the time anyway. I just won this tournament overall with more than 600 points advantage over the No.2 slot. And STILL got 'demoted' to Wooden League. As far as I was aware, I'd never left it.

    So what's with the Leagues? What do I have to do to get anywhere else, and do I want to get there anyway?

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    Hi Wicked

    I really do not understand why you are still in the wooden league, mainly after a first place ! Please report this from within your game. There is a serious bug in the MAC version.

    I climb or get demoted regularly. As you climb the leagues, you should get better rewards for finishing in the top positions. I can't vouch for that as I never do LOL

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    Same for me, Graylady. I can't always put in the same amount of time for every competition or else one starts when I'm on a particularly hard level so I don't get very far. I've told myself that it doesn't really matter but secretly it's a bit gratifying if I do get promoted and the extra boosts are always good to have

    Wicked, you definitely shouldn't still be in the Wooden League. Hopefully, you've taken Graylady's advice and reported this. I guess you didn't get any rewards either . . . . .

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    Really? Thank you, both.

    Each time, I've won the normal prizes - 3x everything for 1st position, 2x for 2nd or 1x for 3rd - and been told of my demotion yet again. Sigh.
    Is there any other prize I'm missing out on?

    OK, I'll report if from within the game.

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    I would have to search for the post but someone mentioned 5 each boosters and some unlimited time. I think he was in Ruby league for that.

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    That was me. So, here are more details:

    In the Ruby League (currently the highest), here are the payouts:
    1st place: 15 diamonds, 4 of each booster, 5 hammers, 5 tile swappers, 6h unlimited
    2nd place: 12 diamonds, 2 of each booster, 3 hammers, 3 tile swappers, 4h unlimited
    3rd place: 10 diamonds, 2 of each booster, 2 hammers, 1 tile swapper, 2h unlimited
    4th-15th place: 1 of each booster

    It's also tougher to stay in it, you get demoted if you end up at 40th place or worse. But it's definitely worth to stay in it :-)

    Hope this helps and hope you get your issue resolved soon, Wicked. See you in the Ruby League soon ;-)

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    Wow, thanks, Sky. So I should have won loads of boosters and whatnot already.
    When I check my progress while the challenge is going on, I see a red icon next to my name if I'm top. Does that mean Ruby? The next one down is green (emerald?) I think, and can't remember the third one. Yellow?

    But I've never made it out of wooden league so far.

    I reported it yesterday (Sunday) so am awaiting a response. Will let you know.

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    I've just had a reply, and I said I'd share, so I will.

    They said that according to their records, the game hadn't been installed from the Apple Store, and they were unable to help players who downloaded unofficial games. Please would I reinstall without cheating.

    I'm fuming. I have never downloaded anything unofficial in my life. I've never cheated. I've been playing just over a year, have installed every update only from the Apple Store, and have interacted with Support in the past (as you probably know).
    Only yesterday, I downloaded the latest update from the Apple Store, and now have Wonderland open, although no Easter event.

    I'm speechless.

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    Wow !

    Wicked, it looks like you were answered by an employee that do not know it's stuff !

    Send a pm to our admin and give her your ticket number asking her to check your file for you.

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    I'm still too offended. tbh. I replied to the message, more-or-less as above.
    When I have time, I'll look out all the receipts I've had for diamonds. They've been happy to take my money, I see.
    What's worse, is the reply came from someone I have actually dealt with before. She wasn't bright then, if I remember.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to let off steam.

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