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Thread: Can't type some letters now in coop inbox, why?

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    Can't type some letters now in coop inbox, why?

    Hi guys, while I was typing inbox for the crew members I realized that some letters got stuck and the cursor won't move forward to proceed my type.. Then after I change the word with similar meanings the cursor can move to type again.. Words like "the" can't be type when it reach the edge of the inbox line at the end of the wide angle. I can only type t and then it won't type. It will type again when I change the word to another letters. Words like "reach" stop typing at "r" and so on.. Why is that?
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    I noticed the same issue when trying to send out a message, and others reported having trouble with editing the co-op description text, or the kick-out message, etc (see this thread). My only suggestion is to send a report from your game, and hopefully they will fix this weird glitch.

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    Ha! This is just ONE of the many glitches I'm experiencing since the last Kindle Fire update! I'll tell Playrix about that just as soon as they fix my cows turning into chickens problem....

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