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Thread: Earning stars

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    Earning stars

    I found this game about 5 days ago and have to admit I am completely enthralled. Here's what I love about it - it's similar to the city building game feel that I love without the free form building portion that takes creativity that I don't have.

    While I recognize that the developers want to make it challenging and encourage people to support the game I think there needs to be capitalization on the truly unique aspect of the garden. Obviously I enjoy the match 3 puzzles but if I wanted to play a match puzzle games there are tons of other options out there for free and without such restrictive limitations on how often you can play (i.e. Earning a life every 30 minutes) but I'm interested in the game because I want to see how the garden develops.

    That being said, earning one star per level beat... it would literally take most players years to develop the garden and sorry but I feel most people won't stay invested if the game play is that slow. Which leads me to the suggestion... I know this is vague but please make it easier to earn stars!!! I don't have many ideas on how to implement that but if you could figure something out I think you'll actually retain players more easily and people will spend money on playing because they want to more easily that because the have to.

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    I agree with this post.

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    I agree too.

    Maybe earn 2 stars for the levels requiring extra skill (and luck!). I am thinking of those with lots of double walled crates and flowers needing match 3 to grow and be collected?

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    I agree. Good idea hyacinth, that sounds reasonable.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disneyjennie View Post
    I agree. Good idea hyacinth, that sounds reasonable.
    I am new to the game and I agree there is too much waiting time between stars that it gets boring. Other games give stars or tokens or whatever every 24 hours another idea is make the game interactive to help watering or something and get points with so many points earning a star

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