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    The ‘Treasure of the Nile’ Regatta Season Decor

    Ahoy, Yachtsmen! 🏆🎷🎯

    The new Regatta Season has started! We are more than excited to check out your exceptional designs with the decor from the Yacht Club.

    🍉 Papyrus Boat
    🍇 Pharaoh Statue
    🍍 Egyptian House
    🐟 Papyrus Shop
    🍑 Pyramid of Cheops

    Share the screenshots in the comments! Show your ideas and get inspired by the others! 🍒🍭

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    Okay, think I got it now. Moved some stuff around, and looks like I WILL be able to get all seasonal decor, losing of course regular decor pyramid/pharaoh/boat... but it will be plenty of room for new stuff . I have just decided to put all new themes "coming" (if possible) in the front of my town, then, of course storing them after.

    Egytian Plaza 2.jpg

    Eastern Bazaar in Zoo:

    Eastern Bazaar.jpg
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    Red face

    Was just wondering - where all design-related posts have gone, appears that missed new section of forum, silly girl

    Kim, be sure that yours was the first town I checked out when season started, knew that you won't miss a chance to buy new deco at the start

    Here is mine Egyptan-Arabic park. Must say that being a big fan of the theme itself find some deco designed in a way that leaves room for improvement. Faraoh statue is undetailed IMO and Egyptan house with a man enjoing pool and a woman sweeping the floor... meh!

    Was going to make a big pic and remove it for some Bunny Village, but than saw pink and yellow rabbits all around my Africa area, lol. Will they be gone after event ends of after update? I can't remember

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    Was horribly constrained by available space, but here is my Little Egypt Adventure next to the Oasis Hotel:


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