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Thread: Co-op Achievement Badges

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    Quote Originally Posted by dreadnought View Post
    Thanks for the heads up DD, i replaced the images now
    YAY, dread, and thank YOU!

    Maggie, it should be nr 4 in dread's list then - sounds like you had some guests..?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JayS View Post
    According to my screen, 14 is helping each other fill crates,zoo orders and chat request 1000x.
    Have to presume you weren't alone at the time

    ETA. THINK the wiki had a list. Will go check later. If not will type them out as don't think baby has earned any
    LOL!! The only other town that has ever been in my coop is my “baby” town. Shortly after going solo, i realized i was only about 200 away from the achievement of sharing goods with coop members so i started the other town. A lot of the time, i ignore its existence and it has never been in a regatta...but in seasons (like this one) when there are mining/smelting tasks, i scoop a lot of tools and ore from it. Pretty embarrassing to think i actually got an award for this LOL! I have filled a lot of its train cars to get those tools though...
    Thanks for the info and for restoring the pics!

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