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Thread: Disturbing Ads from Video Guy in Helicopter

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    Disturbing Ads from Video Guy in Helicopter

    Not long ago all the ads I would see from the video guy (about twice per hour) were for other aps, usually games, sometimes shopping.

    Lately it seems like at least half of them are very graphic photos and videos of bloodied, starving and otherwise abused animals to get you to sign petitions. There is also an onslaught of political ads. I can ignore the politics, even laugh at them, but I cannot unsee abused animals that are shown without any warning at all.

    Someone told me it is only ios ..I play on iPad. I bring it up in my co-op to crickets. Am I the only one seeing them? Or bothered buy them? I am playing to have fun, escape the harshness of daily life, not to be assaulted by horrors I cannot unsee. I won't even get into the whole what if children see them...I don't want to see them. Seems like a bad idea for Apple (and any other devices that play them) because now when I click on the video guy I look at something else. I don't even take the chance. It is really harshing my game buzz.

    And please, no one say I must not love animals. It is specifically because I DO love animals that the images are so disturbing to me, especially when I am not expecting them.

    Anyone else have issues with this or have a good idea how to get them to stop? Should I be talking to Apple about it? Any thoughts on how and where?

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    I got one of those today and I play on android. I would suggest contacting customer support and maybe the group placing the ads.

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    Did either of you think to grab a screenshot?
    If not and you see it again, please do so.

    In the meantime, if you have submitted an in-game ticket to customer support, could you please post your ticket number?
    I've already forwarded this thread to admin so hopefully they'll be able to look into it once we have the above-requested information.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks for bringing this up! We're really sorry for the inconvenience you’re experiencing. If you see the video that disturbs you, kindly take a screenshot of the video's end screen and contact our Customer Support team in an in-game request. This screenshot includes some important information that will help us get rid of the ad ASAP.

    Do not hesitate to contact me, if you have any further questions.


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    eu não tenho vídeos a quase um ano, maioria tem porque eu não tenho? depois que coloquei grana no jogo me tiraram meus videos, quando voltara?

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    It didn't occur to me to screenshot it because it was sickening. It's been happening for a few weeks I guess, I finally stopped looking at my ads altogether. But sure, I can force myself to watch again until I get a screenshot. It is not just one, it's elephants without faces, and starving dogs and stuff. Will follow your and Anna's suggestions next time.

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    Thanks for the quick and helpful response, Anna and Nevada.

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    Yes, Thanks!

    Quote Originally Posted by Buffomatic View Post
    Thanks for the quick and helpful response, Anna and Nevada.
    Yes, I should have started with that. I was very pleasantly surprised! Thank you!

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