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    21.03 The Newest Update Decor!

    Hi, guys!

    The new update is already out along with asTOWNishing themed decorations!

    🌴 Oasis Hotel
    🎪 Eastern Bazaar
    ⛵ Sail Hotel
    💦 Dancing Fountains

    We can’t wait to see them in your towns! Share the screenshots of your hottest design ideas with the newest decor from the latest version of the game!

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    Here's my Oasis Hotel...

    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Looking good Nevada. I tried to post two screenshots under the other Thread that Anna started about decor shots, but it went into moderation? So after reading the headings (pretty cool I might add) we will have two different ones, one for seasonal Regatta Decor and one for new "Update" decorations pictures. Sorry that what went into moderation is also a pic of my Eastern Bazaar along with Seasonal Regatta. I will know next time


    Hotel 2.jpg

    Bazaar (in zoo)

    Eastern Bazaar.jpg

    Fountains all over my town, but here is some


    NEW: Very nice, sorry I am "slow" -- just realizing there will know be a whole section devoted to just designing. Love it! I knew it had been talked about, but didn't realize it was going to be organized like this. Great job
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