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Thread: Repair Slow Pickaxe Animation (Since Last Update)

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    So, I know people were complaining about the slower Axe animation somewhere over in the middle of the long update thread.

    I just wanted to add specifically that having an Axe-specific regatta tasks is made that much more annoying when combined with the slower Axe animation.

    Ugh. This is painful.

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    I have noticed that you can activate a second pickaxe while the first one is still animating. That probably was possible all along but only now has the animation become slow enough to actually pull it off

    Yeah, I don't like the new sloooooow animation. Too sloooow. I haven't experienced physical or mental agony yet because of that though, despite having finished a mining task. I'd prefer to have the old faster animation back, but I wager I can get used to this one as well.

    I do like the faster explosions a lot. That's how they should look. Feels much more BOOOOOM. Keeper!

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    Repair Slow Pickaxe Animation (Since Last Update)

    The picks in the mine are super slow since the last upgrade. Anyway they can be made faster when using them?

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    I have also noticed this, the bombs and dynamite also take longer too which it annoying

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    Slow hammer in the mines ughhhh get rid of it please!

    Has anyone else noticed the slow hammer in the mines since the new update? it is so annoying. Please return to normal.

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    Yes, this is terrible! There was zero reason to change this. Mining takes 3 times as long now for no good reason.

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    Slow hammer in mines

    Quote Originally Posted by Bethany Clarke View Post
    Yes, this is terrible! There was zero reason to change this. Mining takes 3 times as long now for no good reason.
    Why was this changed? No need to.

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    I do really like the much bigger BANG feeling to the explosives, now that those go off faster.

    But yeah, revert the pickaxe animation to what it used to be. I liked it so much better.

    Unsure my mining takes 3 times as long though. LOL. I'm sure it -feels- that way to you though, Bethany.

    I bet if you poll the players, you'll get a whopping majority to vote for the old pickaxe animation. Not saying the majority is always right, but there's a thing to be said for listening to player feedback right?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lenise Page View Post
    Why was this changed? No need to.
    If everybody thought this way, we'd still be running around in animal skins hunting and gathering.

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    Slowafied animation of pick

    EDIT: I see there is another thread, feel free to merge or delete mine...

    All in all, I like the new animations and images in the update, thanks, devs.

    However, I HATE the slower pick animation. I am at ~21000 depth, and have developed a good rate of digging with the picks. But my timing is now thrown off and it takes an extra fraction of a second per pick dig. Sure, you might say, no big deal - but it adds up, is frustating and there was no reason do make this change.

    They DID speed up the dynamite which is nice, but why oh why slow down the picks...

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