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Thread: Still missing cash, rewards and decorations and no response from support

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    Still missing cash, rewards and decorations and no response from support

    Current ticket: 1655631
    Previous ticket 1634484

    After the bug last week, I am still missing 200 t cash 50,000 coins, 60 odd clover, 40+ reward points from the regatta and items worth at least a few hundred cash or many thousands of coins. As a result of their incompetence, I have missed out on getting the movie camera decoration from last regatta and I am REALLY upset by that.

    I used the cash for regatta tasks and mining equipment and did not get them back with the rollback. Ditto the clover and coins spent on various item and decorations that vanished, (yes i have checked my decoration storage) I can't even begin to list the missing goods. at least 18 cheese, about 72 milk, 30 wool, 6 pairs of flip flops, 4 jelly beans, a bunch of jam, 6 wood tables, 2 sofas.... etc etc etc those are just the ones I remember... it took both the finished items and the goods to create them. it's just.. ridiculous

    I can live with the goods being written off, but the cash I paid for? The regatta reward? I Playrux Support's incompetence has guaranteed I lost out on both real money and on a time limited item when they had well over a week to resolve it.

    Can anyone PLEASE help me figure out how to get their attention? I reported this as soon as it happened and was told it was fixed (it wasn't until a second wave and app update for me) and my ticket closed without response beyond an automatic reply about the issue being resolved and to restart my game. I logged another ticket and after several more days, got another automatically generated reply saying you need to open a new ticket because we made a new version of the app.... Like that makes any difference to this particular issue. So I went ahead and did that... Nothing for 3 days and then the ticket randomly vanished! No message, nothing. So I went ahead and reported it AGAIN and despite it being 3 days later, nearly 4, I have STILL heard nothing back and I am so frustrated it's ridiculous!

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    Hi there,

    I'm sorry you've experienced this, doesn't sound like much fun.

    Thank you very much for supplying your ticket numbers.
    I've forwarded this to admin so we can be sure it'll be seen.
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    Thank you, Nevada. I really do appreciate your help. Hopefully, someone will get back to me soon with a resolution.

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