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Thread: So stuck level 186

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    So stuck level 186

    Can anyone help me with suggestions on getting past here?

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    Video here:

    Since spreading carpet is the name of the game for this level and the board is in 2 parts, the first thing I tried to do was make boosters on the right side, especially paper plane boosters. I kept trying to get paper planes until one landed and placed some carpet on the bottom area that's separate from the first part of the board. Next, I focused on making rockets to clear out some of those annoying boxes in the center. Combining a rocket with a paper plane also worked well for spreading carpet and clearing out boxes. If you can combine a rainbow ball with a rocket or bomb, that works wonders.

    Once you have carpet on the whole upper section that's visible, the board drops down to the second section. I tried to have 12-15 moves left before trying the bottom portion. Again, making rockets and planes here worked well for spreading the carpet quickly. Since by the time you get down to the bottom part and you really need to conserve moves, I tried to wait and set off multiple boosters I have made at once rather than setting them off individually. This really helped make each move count. Setting off 2 planes together, or two rockets, etc. And, of course, try always to make rainbow balls and combine them with another booster. Good luck.

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    Thank you..very kind of you!

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