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Thread: Lack of 135's = Growing Frustration (Merged Thread)

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    Regatta tasks

    Hi, is it me or are the tasks getting lower in points now, the amount that used to be in the 130's is decreasing and there are some tasks worth only 80 points appearing. Is there a reason for this at all ?

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    Too Many Low Point Tasks

    I do not like to complain BUT our small coop of 5 had to delete 79 tasks before we could find any over 125 [our minimum] would not be so bad if it did not happen the first few hours of the new race.

    Two of my team members check the board when the race starts [they are US west coast time] they reported nothing on the board over 125 we do not spend TBucks so everyone had to wait and again same thing this is not right. So when I checked the board US eastern finally a few offerings over 125 and I took a feed of 130. I had trains feed mine all ready to go......after feed thought something else would come up .....waited 2 hrs kept deleting finally took train.

    To day was better finally got my mining done and house of luck another feed. My other coop members are working on ship and planting tasks they like them....

    By the way love my coop four great gals to play with our rules are simple work on a task and prepare for the next. No one can request the house of luck and we all can delete anything under 125 No drama

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    Our task board is bad this week too. I think it's just the luck of the draw. We haven't even laid eyes on a hol yet!

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    So glad I found this thread. I totally agree, and have said aloud that the tasks/points are not evenly scored anymore. I just did 149 silks (15 hrs/ea! and doubling booster) for 132 pts! Seriously!? How is that fair? Even 135 pts for that task is not justified! And we are in the wooden league! Most of our tasks are less than 100 pts, and are all unevenly scored. I remember doing tasks of, say, 135 pts for 100 fed animals, etc. The points always outnumbered the task, but not any longer. The tasks are harder and the points are nil. And very few around the 135 mark! Is this what the devs deem, "Challenging?" I deem it, "NOT FAIR!" Score the task/points in accordance to its difficulty!

    And along that note: here is my rant for better prizes! GIVE PRIZES ACCORDING TO THE DIFFICULTY TO ACHIEVE IT! We are giving PLAYRIX lots and lots of compensation! Give us what is FAIR and JUST in return!!!!! Keep your addicted and loyal, OCD mayors that way! Don't make us find somewhere else to take our attention, cash, and valuable time!


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    This week has been the worst race I have seen to date. Almost no 135 tasks. I have lost track of how many entire boards I have deleted. I race alone and if this does not change I will drop the race altogether.

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    Helicopter Tasks

    I always do the helicopter tasks, however I have noticed the last few weeks they never come up. For instance I have deleted over 70 tasks this regatta and have only got 4 helicopter tasks and a bunch of duplicate tasks of other things that No one in my crew does. Is there any way to fix this?
    Thanks in advance for you attention to this matter.

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    In our coop, we take only 135 tasks in order to have a chance to stay in the top 3. I guess everyone has its own way of playing the game. We do not keep trains or planes ... because they take too much time to complete. In the last couple of weeks we have seen a significant drop in the 135pts tasks which makes it difficult to finish the 15 or 16 tasks the golden league requires.
    I wish there was a way to choose more higher points tasks ...

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    Our 2 Player Coop is normally well prepared for a regatta, 3-5 house of luck, 2-3 mining, empty fields, hungry animals etc.
    So normally we get our tasks done in about 2-3 days and finish in the top 3, this hasn't changed, but the last 3-5 weeks it is not possible for us to win, we have to delete about 500 tasks to get our 32 tasks done.
    And what's most annoying is that there is always at least one team, which seems to have a lot of luck with the tasks they get (or they spend a big pile of t-cash to win). The standings right now in our regatta is, the leading coop has 4185pts after 22h30m, we have 2160 in 2nd place. How is that possible?
    If they are spending a big amount of T-cash I'm fine with it, but if they don't and it's just that they get a lot of quick tasks and we don't, that's very demotivating.

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    There are a lot of teams using T-cash. Especially when you r in a coop with less then 5 people in you almost can't win anymore without using T-cash. Also the tasks coops are having will be different.

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    Why does our co op continually get lower score Tasks? I even dumped 11 straight tasks and refreshed and still could not get a 135 point task?

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