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Thread: Lack of 135's = Growing Frustration (Merged Thread)

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    Ok, it appears I may have angered/frustrated/irritated a few on here, that was not my intention, any perceived arrogance was born out of the knowledge that the 135 ratio doesn’t appear to have changed (which is probably why playrix responses have been as they have). Anyway, as a sort of apology and the fact that global domination has completely taken all the fun out of the game for me i’m going to leave you all with a little gift and maybe save some people some money at the same time, please bear with me 😁. For those in co-ops who do use tc to refresh, when you start the race, only refresh the cells which have 135’s on them, you’ll find 1or 2 have a better return than others, stick with those 1/2 cells for the entire race, you’ll find your 135 ratio increase from (from what I’ve read 2-5%), to anything from 33% upwards. For those that refuse to use tc, do the same at the start but dump only those cells after they growback, do not dump the entire board and stick to a maximum of 6 cells dumped at a time, for non payers I recommend only 4 cells but dependent on the size of the co-op you may want to ‘open up’ a couple of extra cells, once again your ratio will increase to anything upwards of 22.5%. For even better results try to limit your dumping to specific times (preferably the very minute after the clock turns the hour (for example dump at 12:00, 13:00 etc), I hope you all enjoy your increased ratio of 135’s and it makes the game less of a chore for some and instills some fun back into it. I’m likely to become an outcast in glb teams now lol, but as I said at the start, been there, done that, bored with it now, time for me to get back to playing for fun and playing the game rather than the game playing me, again, apologies for any upsets I may have caused in earlier posts, I hope this makes up for it a bit, happy gaming everyone 👍😁

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    Thank you for you post Deano4England. I hope you are not "blackballed" from GLB teams now.
    If so, that GLB gig is serious stuff indeed! lol Let me know if this is the case, Good Shepherd Seekers
    and lots of other Coops, I'm sure, will have a slot for you.

    Kind Regards,
    Town - DALISCAPE
    Coop - seul en mer(#SEU82G)
    Be kind.

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    The lack of 135 tasks is ruining the game. Only 5 racing and have dumped 1600 tasks. There is no interaction among team because everyone is sick of waiting around. Many people have quit racing or quit game. Have contacted customer support many times over last 2 months but problem gets worse instead of better.

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    We have dumped over 1800 task this week. We are a team of 12 racers! This is Bad customer service! Playrix is going to loose alot of customers! Alot of pepole are getting burned out on the game beacuse they have taken the fun out of it! Its more like a chore to complete the task.

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    Of course, in a competing game, there would be winners and losers and not everyone would be happy about the results. But Playrix has successfully made it that everyone is unhappy about it, LOL

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    Deano, well that post took some guts I remember a similar post but not as detailed. So now we can look for playrix to change so that this strategy doesn't work, lol. I have noticed certain cells carry 135 and have been only refreshing those with some luck...was not aware of time aspect.

    I really hope you enjoy the game again soon! I like to farm, decorate, chat and help my friends....the real township!! And some fun events . Best of luck!!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cdosr View Post
    I think the answer to that would depend on the size of your co-op (number of racers).

    Large co-ops cannot really get enough 135's to satisfy 25 to 30 racers and so they have to take lower point tasks in order to complete them all. It is still possible to be in the top 3 with tasks > 125.
    That's simply not true. In the global competition, almost every team in the top 10 scores 64,800 for two of the four weeks. That means 30 people, each 16 x 135. And the top teams made the dump count close to or even less than the total number of tasks, i.e. 480.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Graylady View Post

    Late last night we saw 4 on the board too. I was wondering if it was the effect of the week-end. We always had more 135 tasks on the week-end. Right now, we have 2.
    i would like to add on this too! yup, seems like more 135's appear during the weekend.. dumped 6 tasks and after 30mins, 4 of them are 135's..

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zu Arellano Plancarte View Post
    Hola, disculpen yo no hablo ingles, solo quiero exponer una inquietud que tenemos en nuestra cooperativa, pues desde hace tres semanas las tareas de la regata no han sido muy buenas, traen puntos muy bajos, o son muy tardadas, me gustaría saber si esto pasa en todas las cooperativas o solo algunas, y a que se debe, gracias!
    Todos estamos preguntandonos la misma cosa, porque hay tantas tareas de muy bajo puntaje, muchas repetidas, y basicamente, tareas que nadie quiere hacer.
    Creo que estan tratando de evitar esas co-operativas donde exigen que cada miembro complete solo tareas de 135 puntos; si todas las co-operativas tienen que completar tareas de diferentes puntajes, tal vez algunas de las co-operativas con miembros de mas bajos niveles, tendran mas oportunidad de ganar de vez en cuando.

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    We figured that the devs are trying to avoid the "you must complete 15-16 135 tasks or opt out" co-op mentality. By not giving us too many 135 tasks, you figure all co ops will start doing tasks of lesser points, so it will be more of a contest since you may get more overall points by completing more tasks even if they are lower level ones.

    Unfortunately when you start doing lower point tasks, you drop down to "barely moving" level, because the top co-ops always seem to somehow manage to do all 135 point tasks.

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