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Thread: Level 289 in English please

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    Level 289 in English please

    I find this difficult level impossible! I have tried every boost. I have tried making combos which are practically nonexistent. I did watch the video even tho not in English and get no where the amount of boosts that Woo did in his example. I have spent all my money. I lost out on the safe, whatever that is. I am at my wits end with it. How do you do this one?

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    Hi Valerie

    Have you seen this VIDEO ?

    I found that torpedos were the most useful for that one. Using them on rows/columns that have many cats mainly. I agree this level need a lot of power ups, any kind. Any combo with a ball will help a lot. Other combos, not so much.
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    Thanks Graylady. I’m still stuck on it. I get frustrated and have to leave the game for awhile. I don’t think levels should be this hard. The video was awesome to watch, which I did several times. Of course we know our screen won’t look like the videos unfortunately. For example, the player only got one reshuffle while I will get several. Will let you know if I ever get it. Appreciate the response! Thanks

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