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    I’m missing diamonds 29 please help I’ve done everything on the game no one replied back to me

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    A better question would be when are the Fairy Tail Ball and Lost World aquariums going to be available and when will new fish be available. Have all aquariums filled and over 600,000 coins to buy more decorations /fish.

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    I need some too and would like to know how to,get them

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    Same... I’d also like to know why all of mine didn’t stay on the app after leaving & coming back? Most of them were there but I hadn’t bought anything after purchasing them so I thought they’d probably be there when I had a minute to play? I can’t get an answer from anyone either.

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    Bonjour je l'appel antoine ,j'ai 44 ans et je joue beaucoup car je suis régulièrement hospilisé ! J'ai donc besoin d'amis afin de passe le temps plus vite ! MerCi beaucoup d'avance

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    I am a new Fishdom player and for some reason hubands name has taken over my position in my game? He doesn’t even play the game. When i try to feed my friends fish his profile is what comes up. I can’t even get to my friends list because of his profile. Can you please help me resolve this issue. Thanks

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    I'm new hobbies are aquatic planting in my 4 tanks and big fan of cichlids,i have black convicts,electric blue haps,oscars,and bumble bee cichlids.I also collect rocks,crystals,minerals,and fossils.anyone who wants to friend me just invite me on facebook

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    Hi There...

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    I want to know how can I get my coins in a bubble.
    One of my friends coins are inside a bubble and they float,
    Making it easier to pick up the coins

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